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Funding and tax exemption

Mennonite Central Committee Canada is registered as a nonprofit charitable organization, making donations to MCC tax deductible. More information about MCC's charitable status can be found at the Canadian Revenue Agency.
Much of MCC’s support comes from a variety of generous individuals and churches. MCC thrift shops and relief sales provide more than 23 percent of MCC’s total contributions. Volunteer-initiated events from bike rides to bake sales provide consistent ongoing financial support. Gifts in kind include donations of items such as school, relief and health kits, blankets and other material aid.
Farmers can make donations of agricultural commodities at most grain elevators through the Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB) which MCC Canada founded in the 1970s.  Many people also make donations in cash to MCC’s account at CFGB, which is then used to buy additional food and to help pay shipping, bagging and transportation costs.

In recent years approximately 15 to 19 percent of MCC’s budget was spent on administrative overhead. MCC strives to maintain a proper balance between overhead expenses and the ability to provide effective programs and services.

Overhead related to disasters like the recent earthquake in Haiti is less. The percentage varies according to the amount of money raised and the costs involved. In any case, the administrative overhead for disasters is not more than 10 percent, and is often less.

For complete MCC Canada financial data for 2012, download the annual report or call 1-888-622-6337.