50 Kent Maintenance Volunteers

Maintenance Volunteers assist in the general day to day up keep of 50 Kent. Skills/ Knowledge/ Attitude Requirements:

50 Kent Office Volunteer

MCC Ontario Head Office

Do you enjoy administrative work? Consider volunteering in our head office as an Office Volunteer.

Blanket Making

Creating high quality knotted comforters for MCC's relief programs.

Christian Benefit Shop St. Catharines

Christian Benefit Shop

Volunteers are key to our success, contributing time and energy toward the work of raising funds that we forward to Mennonite Central Committee ($400,000 in 2013).  

Circle of Friends Volunteer

Supporting individuals and families as they transition from homelessness back into the K-W community.

Circles of Care Volunteer

Forming a community of support with seniors who are isolated and survivors of elder abuse.

Circles of Support and Accountability Volunteer

Seeking to make communities safer and supporting released prisoners convicted of sexual offences.

Comforter Knotting, Grand Valley Institution for Women

Grand Valley Institute for Women (GVI)

Creating a safe and welcoming place, building relationships and gaining understanding.

Community Chaplaincy with Women Volunteer (ARISE)

Supporting women who have experienced abuse, addiction and imprisonment.

Congregational Rep, Ontario

Motivating and inspiring others to participate in MCC's mission.

English Tutor

MCC Ontario Chatham Office

Teaching English and computer skills to members of the Low German community.


Young adults share a household in downtown Montreal while working with local social service organizations. Participants live in the MCC Québec house, situated in Montreal’s culturally rich downtown.

International Volunteer Exchange Program (IVEP)

The International Volunteer Exchange Program (IVEP) is a year-long work and cultural exchange opportunity for young, Christian adults. Every year 60 IVEP participants come from more than 25 countries around the world to volunteer in the U.S.

Learning Thru Service

Youth groups serve with community agencies in Montreal, learning about cultural diversity and the circumstances that lead people into poverty. It offers youth from Canada and the United States an opportunity to serve in an urban setting for a short period of time.

Manitoba meat canning drive 2014

Winkler Meats

This year's annual meat canning drive will take place in Winkler, Manitoba from November 19-22. Come on your own or with a group of friends, and be part of providing food for thousands! Volunteer yourself or a group by completing the online registration form.