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Menno Santé

Menno-Santé (Mennonite Health), is a multi year campaign to revitalize Mennonite hospitals in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The program supports hospitals with aging facilities and few resources. More about Menno Santé

Taking Action Against AIDS

The lives of millions of people are affected by HIV and AIDS. MCC supports the work of churches and partner organizations to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS, to provide encouragement, treatment and nutrition, to care for those who are ill and to support children orphaned by AIDS. More about HIV and AIDS


Take Your Place

The new cd/dvd from Canadian recording artist Kim Thiessen and Darryl Neustaedter Barg, in collaboration with Maasai choirs in Kenya. All proceeds go towards MCC's Generations Program in support of HIV/AIDS work around the world.  Listen online. To order, contact your local MCC office.