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Low German Programs

MCC seeks to share God's love with Low German Mennonites by working within a mutually beneficial relationship with local leaders, communities and organizations to enhance their capacity to address such issues as poverty, conflict, literacy, health and natural disasters. Learn more about Low German Mennonites.

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Completion of Drought Durango Project

The Drought Durango Project, a MCC relief project consisting of three stages totaling $105,000 U.S., is complete. The project was a very worthwhile experience:

  1. Providing crucial relief help for Mennonites in the Durango Colony as well as their local national neighbours.
  2. Contributing toward a closer involvement and cooperation between the different Mennonite denominations within the colony.
  3. Building a stronger connection between the local Mexican nationals in Mexico and the Low German speaking colonists.
  4. Developing a better understanding and appreciation by the Mennonite colonies and Mexican government officials/nationals of the work of MCC that reached beyond the colony.


Dave and Margaret Penner, our MCC Project Managers in the Durango Colony, have taken the leading role in making this project an immense success. Thank you from all who have been given the gift of life to see them through this very difficult time. 

By the end of December 2012 the following contributions had been received toward the total $105,000 project.

Alberta $15,906.52
British Columbia $1,100.00
Manitoba $38,824.88
Ontario $28,659.69
Saskatchewan $600.00
Total $85,091.09


The Durango Colony and MCC thank all the donors for their generous support of this project!

Work with Low German Mennonites

If you are interested in working with Low German Mennonites, please check the Service Opportunities page for current listings.