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Partner Organizations
Calgary Community Conferencing
A cutting-edge program using facilitated conferencing that brings together a young person and their victim(s), their respective families and supporters, other key people affected by the conflict and relevant community members to address what's happened and find solutions beneficial to all.
Centre de Services de Justice (Centre for Services in Restorative Justice) - PDF
Le Centre de services de justice réparatrice offre un programme innovateur où victimes et offenseurs d'offenses similaires peuvent se rencontrer pour parler des conséquences du crime sur leur vie. The Centre de services de justice réparatrice (Centre for Services in Restorative Justice) offers an innovative program where victims & offenders of similar crimes can meet each other to talk about the consequences of the crime on their lives.
Circles of Support and Accountability (Winnipeg) - PDF
CoSA programs attempt to enhance the safety of communities by reducing the risk of re-offense by released high-risk offenders.
Community Justice Initiatives (CJI) Waterloo - PDF
Waterloo CJI addresses injustice by responding to needs of people in the community affected by crime and violence.
Community Mediation Services (St. Johns, NFL) - PDF
Promoting peace and restorative justice through mediation and education.
Conflict Mediation Services of Downsview (CMS-D) - PDF
CMS-D is committed to restorative justice and the peaceful resolution of conflict in order to reduce violence and crime, and build healthy and safe communities.
Mediation Services Winnipeg
A non-profit organization that promotes peace and restorative justice within the community.
M2/W2 Association - Restorative Christian Ministries - PDF
M2 (Man to Man) and W2 (Woman to Woman) are programs which train community volunteers to work one-to-one with prisoners who actively request them. The goal of these programs is to see prisoners return to society as crime-free, contributing citizens who honour God and respect others.
Open Circle
The basic premise for the existence of Open Circle is that prisoners are being visited and being supported in their return to our communities.
Other Organizations
Canadian Criminal Justice Association - PDF
CCJA has a monthly newsletter that provides significant information on recent changes in Criminal Law, Stories, Conferences and Research.
Prison Sucks
A highly useful newsletter that gives links to the latest research and reports on Prisons, mostly from the US but also from Canada, and Europe.
Third Way Cafe - Peace Stories
Subscribe to Peace Stories to receive monthly emails of inspiring, disturbing and thought provoking stories on the theme of peacemaking.
Victim Offender Mediation Association's quarterly Connections newsletter.
The Well
A Monthly E-newsletter produced by the Church Council on Justice and Corrections, an ecumenical coalition focusing on Healing Justice. It contains stories, resources, and other items of interest.