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Urgent Needs

MCC responds to the needs of communities facing disasters or war, often launching projects that continue over months or even years. While MCC provides funds, MCC workers and partners often comment on the faith, hope and courage of communities themselves to rebuild, despite the challenges. In addition to disaster or emergency response, MCC also strives to meet long-term needs and make communities stronger.


Middle East crisis
Alarmed by continuing violence in Syria and consistent reports that unrest is likely to escalate and spread to neighboring countries in coming months, MCC has launched a $500,000 Middle East Crisis appeal. Learn more and see how you can help. Learn more

Sudan: Coming Home
Following a 22-year civil war, 1.7 million people are now returning to their homes in southern Sudan.  MCC is assisting recovery by building schools, supporting education, assisting farmers and promoting peace in southern Sudan.  You can help.  Learn more



Food For All

Millions of people are hungry.  You can help.  Learn more



Congo: Menno Santé

Nearly two decades of war, economic hardships and the departure of foreign missionaries, who once provided a steady stream of funds and supplies from abroad, have taken a serious toll on the hospitals. Menno-Santé (Mennonite Health), is a multi year campaign to revitalize Mennonite hospitals in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  You can help.  Learn more


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