2021 Canadian Federal Election Guide

A federal election is an opportunity for all of us to shape the future of Canada. As citizens, we have the chance to call on those who are running for public office to clearly articulate their convictions on significant issues.


An election is also an occasion for Christians to consider the political implications of our faith. It is a time to discern, with humility, how Jesus’ call to love our neighbours can be reflected in the public good as we work for Shalom, where human dignity, peace and justice reign.

As we enter into an election amidst a pandemic, we have seen how COVID-19 has exacerbated and illuminated the already existing challenges of poverty, inequality, food insecurity, conflict, racism and much more, in Canada and around the world.  How can we as Canadians help bring an end to the pandemic everywhere as well as work to address these underlying causes?

We’ve also seen growing concerns around the impact of a changing climate on people here in Canada and around the world. How can we as Canadians express love for our neighbours and creation as we respond to climate change? We are in a time of deep learning, repentance, action and reconciliation, especially as churches, with the devastating legacy of residential schools and the inter-generational impacts on Indigenous peoples. How can we as Canadians of faith support policies that foster healing, repentance and reconciliation?

MCC believes that governments should maintain a just and peaceful social order and that Christians individually, and churches collectively, have a responsibility to help governments be faithful to this calling.  During this challenging year, we’ve seen people reaching out to their neighbours, giving to those in need, caring for others, and imagining a better future. This election is a chance to remind our government to do the same by supporting and building policies based on compassionate care and justice, especially for the most vulnerable.

We hope that you will raise such issues with candidates in your electoral riding. We also invite you to use this resource to guide Sunday school classes or small group discussions and to share it with family members, friends, and colleagues. Consider using our Guide for Difficult Conversation resource to engage with others in your community and workplace. Additionally, we invite you to pray for wisdom—for candidates as they campaign, for yourself as you prepare to vote, and for those who will be chosen to provide leadership for our country.

Here are three of the key issues of concern for MCC partners where the Canadian government has a role to play in responding.

A woman and man wash their hands

Anna Mwatha, shown with health promoter Joel Esapaya, is a care group leader who helps families in Mathare, an area of Nairobi, Kenya, know how to better care for their health. (MCC photo/Scott Stoner-Eby, 2020)

 Together we can End COVID-19

As a global community, we currently have enough vaccines and vaccine manufacturing capacities to ensure that everyone can be vaccinated. Together we have everything we need to end the pandemic! What we are missing is coordinated global political will.

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A small sprout emerges from the ground

A seed begins to sprout in a garden in La Florida, in the Montes de María region of Colombia. As temperatures rise and water becomes scarce, Sembrandopaz and the communities they work in are working hard to adapt to these new and challenging conditions. (MCC Photo/Annalee Giesbrecht, 2020)

Addressing the Impacts of Climate Change: Caring for Others and Creation

We are all impacted by a changing climate. MCC partners invite us to respond in ways that uphold our commitments to justice and human dignity.  As one of the world’s largest per capita greenhouse gas (GHG) emitters, Canada has a moral obligation to not only meet our own climate targets but to actively support countries disproportionately impacted by climate change today.

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This graphic representation of an Indian Residential School is part of a long timeline in “pictograph” style, within the “Spirit of Alliance” art installation, Saskatoon. (MCC Photo/ Randy Klassen)

Indigenous Neighbours: Lamenting the Past and Moving Forward with Reconciliation

As people of faith, MCC is committed to addressing the legacy of and ongoing harm done to Indigenous Peoples by churches and governments, and to forging right relationships.

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MCC partners and staff in Canada and abroad are also working for justice and peace on a number of other issues where you can get involved during this election campaign and beyond, including:

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