Thank you for supporting MCC’s ministries this year! The giving options below can be used for vacation Bible school, Sunday school classes and other fundraising. Cost examples and suggested amounts are included, but donations of any size are welcome toward these projects

Photos are available. Please contact your provincial MCC office with requests:

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A boy stands next to a water tap. Clean water and better health for families


You can help bring water taps and piped water systems to families in rural Nepal. Imagine the gift that clean, running water is for children like Bishwas Chepang, age 10, who can now wash his hands and get a drink of water at his home! The money that you give will help to build and repair home water systems like this. It will also fund other activities that improve health and nutrition for children in Nepal.

$62 provides a drinking water tap for one family.

Please designate your MCC donation to "Nepal-Water."

A woman standing near trees Plant trees and protect an ecosystem


In the Montes de María region of Colombia, droughts are growing longer and harsher, and water is becoming scarce. Your gift to MCC will support a program that plants trees and educates communities about conserving water and other resources. Reforestation provides all kinds of benefits. Trees shade fragile seedlings from the harsh sun, cooler forested areas prevent water from evaporating in the heat, and forests also provide shelter for animals like tortoises and monkeys.

$267 plants native and fruit trees in one of nine communities.
$50 (or any amount) helps families learn about their ecosystem and conservation.

Please designate your MCC donation to “Colombia-Food.”

A young boy reading a book in school Share backpacks and school supplies

Democratic Republic of the Congo

You can help churches reach out and share God’s love with families who are new in their communities. These families had to flee their hometowns because of violence, and now they need to make a new start. With your donation, the churches can purchase items that school children need.

Learn more:
Hello from the Democratic Republic of the Congo video
Hello DR Congo activity sheet

$12 provides a school uniform and shoes.
$18 provides a backpack and school supplies.

Please designate your MCC donation to “DR Congo-Education.”

A group of people holding relief kits Collect kits (or cash for kits)

Around the world

Looking for a hands-on project that makes a difference? Join MCC to share with families facing crisis because of natural disasters or violence. MCC kits offer many ways to share God’s love and care, reminding people that their needs are not forgotten.

Learn more: Journey of a kit video

You can choose to put together school kits, hygiene kits, relief kits or other items as specified here:

Plan to deliver the kits to one of these locations:

Or you can choose to collect money to contribute toward items and shipping costs for MCC kits. Here are approximate dollar values for several types of kits:
$6.50 provides items for one hygiene kit.
$8.50 provides items for one school kit.
$52 provides items for one relief kit.

If collecting money, please designate your MCC donation to “Cash for kits.”

A woman holding a pig Give a pig (or other animals)  

Give the gift of a living piggy bank. Animals provide important nutrition for children who are growing. And as flocks and herds grow, families can sell some of the animals – making a big difference in their lives! Your gift will bless people like Mary Ilero in Uganda by providing animals and training in how to raise them.

Learn more: story  
Gift of a pig video
Hello from Cambodia video
Chickens, fish and veggies video

$13 provides a brood of chicks.
$26 stocks a pond with fish.
$52 provides a pig.
$65 provides a goat.

Please designate your MCC donation to “Uganda-Food” or just “Food” to support animal projects around the world. (Cost examples are averages from projects around the world.)

Children at a summer camp Support summer peace camps for kids


Give young people new peace skills to build a future beyond war. Children like these in Syria will learn about resolving conflicts and overcoming trauma while building friendships. Your gift supports a program called Child-Friendly Spaces, designed to meet the needs of children who have experienced war. 

Learn more:

A young man on a rooftop garden Plant a rooftop garden


Without a plot of land, growing your own nutritious vegetables might seem impossible. But with your help, poor families in cities like Bethlehem and Beit Sahour can start a garden on their roof! These rooftop gardens use special wicking beds that work well in urban environments and require minimal water. Your gift will bring fresh, inexpensive vegetables to people like Zakaria Sheibat (pictured), whose family is growing their own cucumbers, lettuce, eggplants and peppers for the first time.

$234 provides supplies for a rooftop garden (includes wicking beds, soil, fertilizer, seeds, seedlings and materials for a shade structure)

Please designate your MCC donation to “Palestine-Food.”

Thank you for being a part of MCC!