Mennonite Central Committee archives, records and research

About Us

MCC has long collected and preserved its organizational records in the interest of documenting and making its history accessible for both internal and external use. In 2012, the MCC archival collection was consolidated into two main holdings. MCC archival records are located in the U.S. (Akron, PA) and Canada (Winnipeg, MB).

Collection Mandate

Our mandate is to document the history of Mennonite Central Committee and to provide access to valuable resources for researchers, scholars, historians, alumni and current staff interested in the history of MCC.

MCC Records Management and Archival Collection policies will be made available upon request.

Collection Description

The MCC archival collection consists mainly of organizational, program and administrative records of the Mennonite Central Committee Bi-National, Mennonite Central Committee U.S. and Mennonite Central Committee Canada. Some private collections and records of affiliate organizations are also part of the MCC archival collection.

Records include textual records, photographs, film records and some digitized and born digital records.

*Archival description of records in MCC’s holdings is in progress. As finding aids and records descriptions are completed, they will be made available online.

Accessing MCC Records

To make general inquiries or to access records in MCC’s archival holdings, contact MCC records management staff at the contact information listed below.

Because MCC records are housed in both Akron and Winnipeg, it is in researchers’ best interests to contact records management staff with research requests so staff can identify where relevant records are located and advise on how best to view them before an in-person visit.

Researchers will be required to complete a research request and agreement form before accessing records. When applicable, researchers will also be required to sign a privacy agreement based on current privacy laws.

Please note that some records in the MCC archival holdings may be subject to access restrictions and will not be made accessible. Also note that research fees may apply.

An MCC Archives & Records User Policy will be made available upon request.

Research involving people (interviews, surveys, etc.)

Do you have a research project that involves interviewing, surveying or studying MCC staff? Or would you like MCC staff to facilitate communication with MCC partner organizations or beneficiaries of MCC-supported projects for research purposes?

Write a two-paragraph or so description of your research project and describe how it meets ethical standards for research involving human subjects.  Email this to Our committee will review this and get back to you about what further information MCC needs in order to approve your proposed research.

Hours of Availability

U.S. Office – Monday-Friday, 8am-4:30pm (Eastern Time)

Canada Office – Monday-Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm (Central Time)

Contact Information


Frank Peachey or Lori Wise 


Ph: 717-859-1151, or Toll Free: 1-888-563-4676

MCC U.S., 21 S. 12th Street, Akron PA, 17501


MCC Canada

Andrew Klassen Brown


Ph: 204-261-6381, or Toll Free: 1-888-622-6337

MCC Canada,134 Plaza Dr., Winnipeg MB, R3T5K9