Because need knows no borders...

MCC is a global, non-profit organization that strives to share God’s love and compassion for all. For nearly 100 years, MCC has been committed to relationships with our local partners and churches, working for relief, development, and peace.

Our vision is that communities worldwide would be in right relationship with God, one another, and creation. MCC works in over 50 countries, but we believe that need knows no borders. Whether it is across the globe or in our own backyard, MCC BC is committed to meeting basic human needs and working for peace and justice.

Today in BC, we are working towards long-term solutions in the following areas:

Welcoming and supporting refugees

  • Refugee sponsorship - As newcomers arrive on our doorstep, they face incredible challenges. Through refugee sponsorship with MCC BC, you can support these families, giving them the tools they need to thrive as they rebuild their lives.

Pursuing restorative justice

  • End Abuse - When the one you love abuses you, a part of you is lost. Dealing with fear, confusion, embarrassment, and anger can lead men and women into isolation and hopelessness. Through women's support groups, men's accountability groups, and public engagement and awareness, End Abuse aims to reduce cases of abuse in our communities.
  • Indigenous Neighbours - As Christians, we recognize the injustices that were perpetuated against the Indigenous peoples of Canada, but don’t always know how to best respond. MCC’s Indigenous Neighbours program walks alongside churches and local Indigenous communities interested in starting down a path of reconciliation and restoration.

Reducing and alleviating poverty

  • Homelessness Prevention and Outreach Program - We recognize men and women who are homeless as people first, not defined by their circumstances, but by their humanity. Through our:
    • Rent Bank Program
    • Circle of Friends Program
    • Weekly meals, and partnerships with other local community services, we walk alongside our homeless neighbours on a journey toward wholeness, creating an environment of inclusion and community.
  • New Foundations (Victoria) - Through community-based support groups, the New Foundations program gives newcomers the opportunity to develop essential life skills like how to find a job in Canada, how to open a registered savings account, or how to create a plan to meet savings goals. The New Foundations program is giving newcomer families the tools they need to thrive in Canada.
  • Community Connections Program (Prince George) - This program focuses on engaging residents and community partners in healthy relationships in order to grow strong communities at the MCC Legacy Apartments in Prince George, BC.

Providing service opportunities for the next generation

  • Service programs - We believe that the best way for young adults to get excited about the mission of MCC is to invite them along for the journey. MCC’s Service programs provide opportunities for young adults to experience the work of MCC first hand for terms of 1-2 years

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