This fall, give the gift of a relief bucket.

This year is one we couldn't have imagined. But many of us still have much to be thankful for. Will you join us in showing gratitude this Thanksgiving by giving a Bucket of Thanks?
But what is a Bucket of Thanks, you ask? It's a container filled with essential hygiene items, also known as a relief kit. Even in a pandemic, we send these kits all around the world to families in need.
Our local partners still need 19,000 more relief kits this year for families affected by disaster or conflict.
You can show your gratitude by sponsoring a bucket or dropping off the supplies that go into a relief kit at your local MCC office throughout the month of October.


Where in the world do they go?

Last year, generous people like you sent relief kits to Honduras, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Ukraine, and Zambia.

What in the world goes in a bucket?

A relief bucket should include:

4 large bars bath soap (leave in wrapper)

Shampoo (1 or 2 bottles, totalling more than 600 ml; place in a resealable plastic bag) 

4 large bars laundry soap (such as Sunlight®, Fels Naptha®, or Zote® brands)

4 adult-sized toothbrushes (in manufacturer’s packaging)

4 new bath towels (medium weight, dark or bright colours; approx. 75 cm x 150 cm)

2 wide-toothed combs (15–20 cm)

1 nail clipper (good quality)

1 box adhesive bandages (minimum 40, assorted)

Sanitary pads

Items we cannot accept:

Face towels/cloths

Hotel/mini bar soap

Full nail care kits or nail files

Hair conditioner

Panty liners

Personal notes or family photos

Child size/small toothbrushes

Men’s pocket combs

Travel size toothpaste

Powdered laundry detergent

Read the full list of requirements and assembly instructions

Where do I drop off completed buckets?
You can drop off the supplies that go into a relief kit to your local MCC office throughout the month of October.
Where can I read stories of people who receive these kits?

We've got plenty of stories to show how people like you met the needs of the most vulnerable by providing relief kits. Read the relief stories collection.

My family wants to plan a relief kit activity. Do you have resources?

Yes! Send out this video ahead of time to get your family excited about the cause and tell them why you want to take part. And find more resources for families here.


Get packing!

Buckets of Thanks: Pack with your Family!

How to pack a bucket of thanks with your family.
Download video

Sponsor a bucket

Got a busy schedule? If you can’t make a relief kit yourself, consider donating to cover the cost of supplies needed for a bucket.

Donate a relief kit

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