Our Canadian Federal Advocacy Focus Areas

The Peace & Justice Office engages in advocacy to the Canadian Government, bringing the voices of partners and constituents to decision-makers in Canada. Here are the key issues of concern where MCC asks the Canadian government to respond.

Addressing the Impacts of Climate Change

We are all impacted by a changing climate. MCC partners invite us to respond in ways that uphold our commitments to justice and human dignity.  As one of the world’s largest per capita greenhouse gas (GHG) emitters, Canada has a moral obligation to meet our own climate targets and actively support countries disproportionately impacted by climate change today. Learn more about MCC's advocacy on climate change>

Corporate Accountability

Like you, we want everyone to be able to live healthy and dignified lives wherever they are. We are concerned that the harm caused to people and creation by some Canadian companies’ overseas operations can get in the way of this goal. From MCC partners around the world, we hear stories about water contamination, forced displacement, poor labour practices, a lack of informed free, prior and informed consent, among other challenges, in areas where Canadian companies and their supply chains are active. Learn more about MCC’s advocacy for corporate accountability>

Indigenous Neighbours

As people of faith, MCC is committed to addressing the legacy of and ongoing harm done to Indigenous Peoples by churches and governments, and to forging right relationships. Learn more about MCC’s Indigenous neighbours programming>

Migration and Refugee Resettlement

Refugee resettlement in Canada has been part of MCC’s calling since 1979.  With the help of our many constituent groups, we are leaders in refugee sponsorship and policy development in Canada as well as internationally. As we work to welcome displaced people to Canada, MCC also works to address the root causes of forced displacement globally so that migration can be a choice, not a last resort. Learn more about MCC’s advocacy on Refugee Resettlement and Migration>


All over the world, MCC partners with local communities and organizations to build peace! These peacebuilding efforts are a diverse set of actions that proactively seek to understand and respond to the local social, political and economic context to do no further harm; address the roots of conflict, including the root causes of forced migration; and build toward sustainable peace. Learn more about MCC’s advocacy on peacebuilding>

Palestine and Israel

MCC’s local partners in Palestine and Israel regularly raise concerns about violations of international law, experienced in everyday life and ask us to take action. Learn more about MCC’s advocacy for peace & justice in Palestine and Israel>

Restorative Justice

Restorative justice is about repairing and reconciling broken relationships within society, with accountability and a focus on addressing the root causes of violence, in order to bring positive change. Read more about MCC’s advocacy on restorative justice>

Vaccine Equity

As a global community, we currently have enough vaccines and vaccine manufacturing capacities to ensure that everyone can be vaccinated. Together we have everything we need to end the pandemic! What we are missing is coordinated global political will. Learn more about MCC's advocacy on vaccine equity>

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