In 2020, MCC will celebrate our centennial by planting trees across Canada.

Will you plant a centennial tree for this special occasion?

We’re asking Canadians to give a gift of $10,000 and plant a commemorative tree in their community. These trees will be a visible testament to MCC’s history and new roots for the next 100 years.

Why plant a tree?

  • Commemorate - A tree must be strongly rooted in order to grow—we too must remember our roots. Commemorate MCC’s history along with your own. You can also dedicate your tree in honour of a loved one or commemorate a special anniversary or event.
  • Celebrate - A tree flourishes when it has everything it needs—a reminder to show gratitude and celebrate your thankfulness by planting a centennial tree.
  • Communicate - A tree is visible to the community—a testimony to future generations of your support for MCC. Help us continue to share God’s love and compassion by responding to basic human needs and working for peace and justice.

Ways to plant a centennial tree

  • Plant a tree with a family or group - invite friends and family to plant a tree with you in a community space. You could start by donating an initial portion of the total amount and ask others in your group to donate the remainder. Create an online giving registry so others can give online.
  • Plant a tree with your church - Congregations may prefer to collect individual contributions and make one donation on behalf of the group.

Tree locations and stories

Find where other commemorative trees have been planted across Canada on this interactive map.

Our centennial project

Your gift of $10,000 will support displaced people and vulnerable communities we serve around the world. Gifts will also help fund projects to respond to COVID-19, including those that support ongoing health, food and WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) work. Learn more.

More information

You will receive a bronze plaque in honour of the people you would like to commemorate along with MCC’s Centennial.  You can choose what type of tree you want to plant, and MCC will get it delivered and planted for you.  You can also choose to plant your tree in Haiti, within MCC’s agroforestry program.

We are here to help you with all these details.  Talk to your local MCC contact person or give them a call using the info in the right sidebar.


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