Will I receive a donation receipt?

You will receive a donation receipt for 90 per cent of your donation. A portion of your donation will be used for the expenses associated with the purchase and delivery of the tree. Unfortunately, we cannot issue a donation receipt for the portion of your donation used for the tree, delivery and a plaque which come to about 10 per cent of the total donation. For more information, please contact your local MCC office.

Does the total donation amount have to come from one person?

You're welcome to invite family members, your church congregation or others to contribute to your centennial tree donation. If the total amount is group-funded, then each individual needs to be receipted individually. One individual cannot claim a tax receipt for someone else’s donation.

How do I set up a giving registry so that my group members can contribute towards my tree?

Your local MCC office can help you set up a gift registry on our website.  Individuals can make an online donation using this registry to contribute to the total donation amount.

Where does the money from the donation go?

Your gift will be used for MCC’s centennial projects.

What type of tree will I receive?

A local tree supplier will work with you to select a tree that is suitable for your climate and geography.

Will the tree be delivered?

Yes, the delivery of the tree is included in the cost. You and your supplier can determine exactly when and where the tree gets delivered.

When will the tree be delivered?

Your tree will be delivered in either fall 2020 or spring 2021 at a convenient time arranged between you, your local MCC office and the tree supplier. 

Who is responsible to plant the tree?

You will be responsible to plant your tree. If you require alternative arrangements, please contact your local MCC office.

Where will the tree be planted?

You can plant your tree wherever you like. Some suggestions include in your backyard, at your church, in a public park (with approval from the appropriate parties) or another meaningful place.

What will happen at the dedication ceremony?

You are welcome to personalize your dedication ceremony. Suggestions include reading a favourite passage of scripture, inviting people to speak or taking a group photograph. If you would like assistance, please reach out to your local MCC office. They'd love to offer some suggestions.

Will the plaque be customizable?

Yes, a portion of the plaque will be customizable. Your local MCC office will work with you to put your custom message on the plaque.   

Who will take care of the tree?

You will be responsible for maintaining your tree. Your local tree supplier will provide you with care instructions. In most cases, you'll be provided with a one-year warranty. Please confirm the details directly with your local supplier.

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