For some, peace is a wish. For MCC, peace is a call to action.

For 100 years, we’ve responded to basic needs and worked for peace and justice. We started in 1920, gathering food, clothing and money to send to thousands of families affected by war and famine in southern Russia (present-day Ukraine). At the same time, we helped thousands more immigrate to Canada. In the decades since then, MCC has grown and continued to do this work all over the world.
But we’re needed now more than ever before.


Today there are millions of people displaced from their homes by drought, conflict, flooding and other disasters. The number of displaced people is about twice the population of Canada.

This crisis requires bold action, and that’s where you come into the story.
Together, we must build on our heritage, gain strength from our accomplishments, and make action our rallying cry. We’ve done it before and we’ll do it again. Rather than a gift for our 100th birthday, let’s give a gift to our global neighbours.
Join us on our campaign to bring peace, reduce poverty and eliminate injustice.

Centennial projects

Each of our centennial projects targets a different country and supports people uprooted by conflict or disaster. Your gift helps build peace and new opportunities for these families and communities.


If you have questions about this campaign or need more information, please contact your local office.

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