Provide sustainable support for vulnerable women and girls! The new dignity kit contains hygiene and sanitary items, including eco-friendly, washable menstrual pads. Thousands of dignity kits have already been requested by MCC’s partners around the world, and you can be part of the solution for fulfilling this need.

9,208 dignity kits were shipped last year to Guatemala, Haiti, Malawi, South Sudan and Zambia.

Contents (NEW items only)

  • 1 hand towel (medium weight, dark or bright colours; approx. 40 cm x 65 cm)
  • 1 washcloth (medium weight, dark or bright colours)
  • 2 large bars of bath soap (leave in wrapper)
  • 1 large bar laundry soap (such as Sunlight®, Fels Naptha®, or Zote® brands)
  • 1 wide-toothed comb (15-20 cm)
  • 1 nail clipper (good quality)
  • 10 plastic or wooden clothespins (10 cm)
  • 4 heavy-duty safety pins (measuring 2.5 cm and 5 cm; 2 of each size)

Instructions:  Place contents in a box or bag and deliver to your nearest MCC drop-off location. The kit will be re-packed at MCC in a new 2-gallon pail with a lid.

When dignity kits are distributed, they also include:
  • 1 Reusable Pad System packed into 1 MCC kit bag, includes:
    • 3 waterproof base units, which hold the pad inserts in place
    • 8 absorbent fleece pad inserts (4 large/4 small)
    • 1 small transport bag
    • 3 pair of briefs (cotton; women sizes small, medium or large – one size per kit; no red)
    • Instructional care and use sheets

Sewists are urgently needed to help make the base units, pad inserts and transport bags. Please contact your nearest MCC office if you would like to help make these items.

Access the sewing instructions and videos below.
MCC can provide the reusable pad system for those who do not want to sew.

The Reusable Pad System is packed in a useful double drawstring cloth bag (11 3/4 x 16 3/4 in). You may: 

Learn how to sew a base unit, a transport bag and fleece pad inserts:

How to sew a base unit

Dignity Kit base unit sewing instructions

How to sew a transport bag

Dignity Kit transport bag instructions

How to sew fleece pad inserts

Dignity Kit pad insert instructions