Everyone needs a home — where families are safe and secure, basic needs are met, where people can come and go freely and imagine a future. But that is not the reality for Palestinians — or even for some Israelis. Israel's military occupation of the Palestinian territories makes life insecure for both peoples.

This June marks the 54th anniversary of the occupation. Two generations of Palestinians have lived with confiscation of their land, demolition of their homes and orchards, restrictions to their movement, and violation of basic human rights. Meanwhile, Israel’s policies of oppression also harm the moral fabric of Israeli society.

In the land where Jesus proclaimed the good news of justice, peace and salvation, people live with growing despair. Fifty-four years of occupation is enough.

Please support the call for an end to the occupation, by urging Canada to live by its stated policy. According to this policy:
·    settlements in the Palestinian territories are illegal;
·    Israel’s annexation of East Jerusalem is not recognized;
·    the route of the separation barrier within the West Bank and East Jerusalem        violates international law;
·    a just solution to the Palestinian refugee issue must be negotiated.

Send a message to The Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Honourable Marc Garneau, Minister of Foreign Affairs.