Over one hundred years ago, MCC was formed in faith to help people in crisis and dealing with displacement. Today, we are working hard to live up to this legacy in response to COVID-19.

When crises like these occur, the needs of vulnerable and displaced families become even more pronounced, whether at home or around the world.

Global support for peacebuilding and human dignity for people on the move is more critical than ever. In times of crisis, fear and social isolation, our vision of seeing communities worldwide reconciled with God, one another and creation is vitally important. Our well-being depends on one another. Borders do not keep us safe; our safety depends on our ability to care well for each other, no matter where we are located.  

We are deeply concerned with an increase in the urgent needs of displaced peoples and in xenophobia and rhetoric that blames migrants worldwide for the spread of COVID-19. The pandemic is increasing the risks people on the move, from Guatemala to Gaza and everywhere in between, face as inequalities become more visible.  Many migrant populations do not have access to proper sanitation, health resources, basic income or access to government supports to withstand physical distancing measures. Xenophobia and suspicion compounds these concerns and place human rights in jeopardy.

We are thankful for the Canadian government's funding commitments for humanitarian and other urgent support from earlier in 2020, and with promises to continue this work, but also believe that we can do more as part of our faith calling to love our neighbours. 

In April 2020, we wrote a letter to the Government of Canada, voicing our thanks for the commitments made so far. We ask for continued support to the global response through organizations like UNHCR and UNWRA, along with support directed around the world to the local organizations who are doing the important work of meeting migrant needs and engaging in peacebuilding and human rights work. Local communities and organizations are best positioned to respond to the crisis in creative ways that meet the needs of their specific contexts.

We ask that all government decisions and agreements, whether around aid, trade, or asylum seekers on our own border, uphold the dignity of people on the move.

Join us in thanking the Canadian government and sharing your support for continued bold commitments to local organizations engaging in peacebuilding with people on the move.

Send a letter using our letter writing tool.