For many years, refugee advocates have called for amendments to the Immigration Loans Program, which provides new immigrants and refugees with loans to cover the costs of their relocation to Canada. Refugees make up 98% of Immigration Loans Program users, and the burden of repaying these loans has often hindered their ability to settle in Canada.

In February 2018, the Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship amended the program to discontinue the practice of charging interest on loans and to extend the loan repayment period. While these changes were commendable, the continued requirement for refugees to fund their travel to Canada will still leave many with significant financial burdens.

Join MCC and other groups in asking the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship to fully exempt resettled refugees from travel loan repayment.

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  • 76% of Government-Assisted Refugees and 32% of Privately Sponsored Refugees used income support or social assistance to repay the loan.
  • 54% said repaying the loan made it difficult to pay for necessities like food and housing.
  • 51% said repaying the loan was stressful for them and their families.
  • 24% of recipients quit language training to repay the loan. 22% quit school and other training.

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