Support the Implementation of UNDRIP

As people of faith, Mennonite Central Committee is committed to addressing the legacy of harm done to Indigenous Peoples by churches and governments, and to forging right relationships. MCC’s advocacy efforts arise out of our program work – more specifically, from the call of partners that we work with in Canada and around the world. 

Give Peace a Chance: Ask Canada to Support Peacebuilding

Peacebuilding efforts are a diverse set of actions that proactively seek to both understand and respond to the local social, political and economic context – so as to do no further harm; address the roots of conflict, including the root causes of forced migration; and build toward sustainable peace.

Accountability: Canada, Palestine and Israel

The world is watching the growing crisis in Palestine and Israel this May (2021), as new outbursts of violence, rockets and bombings spread throughout historic Palestine. The global community, including Canada are speaking out about their concerns for this recent rise in violence.

Together We Can End the Pandemic

“It was a year of deep learning. We learned that in our round earth, each and every one of us is the centre and no country is more central or higher than another. Therefore, whatever we do affects us all equally. The political borders of countries are symbolic signs of nationalistic selfishness that only serve to separate humanity but not protect from a pandemic. We are also aware of the vulnerability we have as human beings and much more as individuals.” -Ricardo Esquivia, director of MCC partner Sembrandopaz in Colombia.

Canadian Trade in Support of a Just Peace in Palestine and Israel

As people of faith we have an opportunity to ask our government to hold to the principles of international law in all of our practices at home and abroad  As an ally of Israel and a supporter of international human rights law, the government of Canada can act to ensure that our trade and other policies and practices contribute to a just peace for all in the region and do not create further oppression, including through de facto Israeli annexation of Palestinian land.