Let's ensure Canada's human rights Ombudsperson is effective!

After more than a decade of calling on Canada to require greater transparency and accountability on the part of Canadian companies operating overseas, MCC joins our civil society colleagues and coalition partners in welcoming the government’s announcement to establish a human rights Ombudsperson. If properly implemented, this new position will help hold Canadian companies accountable for human rights violations overseas, provide remedy for victims of abuse, and prevent future harm for communities around the world.

Call on your Senator to pass Bill C-262

A coalition of Faith Based Organizations is calling on the Senate to pass Bill C-262. As people of faith we are committed to forging right relationships with Indigenous Peoples out from under the legacy of centuries of great harm done by the churches and governments to Indigenous Peoples and their ways of life, communities, and individuals. Bill C-262 will be a right step toward ensuring the rights of Indigenous Peoples are respected and honoured in Canada. 

Say No to Canada’s military intervention in Iraq

We all long to live in peace – without fear of war, violence and injustice. Sadly, this not the reality for many people and communities in Iraq and Syria. Years of political, ethnic, religious and economic grievances – often fueled by foreign military intervention – have forced millions of people from their homes, increased divisions between groups, and accelerated the rise of extremism in many pockets of the region.