Prioritize UN Declaration Legislation

Thanks to advocacy efforts around Bill C-262 during the last Parliament, the current government promised to introduce a legislative framework for United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UN Declaration) implementation this year. Send a message to the Minister of Justice and your Member of Parliament to ask them to act on that commitment.

Canadian MP Pledge to Oppose the Israeli Annexation

Ask your MP to sign a pledge stating publicly their opposition to the the Israel government's plans for annexation of up to one third of West Bank and Jordan Valley. These plans are not only a clear violation of international law concerning forced annexation, of which Canada is a party, but it puts the prospects of a just and sustainable peace in even greater jeopardy. MCC’s partners in Palestine and Israel have reached out and asked for support from Canadian churches and our government. Let's answer that call! Send a letter to your MP - encourage them to make the pledge!