Israel is the only country is the world that systematically prosecutes children and youth in a military court system. MCC is asking for your support to help end the detention of Palestinian children and youth by signing this petition. 

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This petition, through the No Way to Treat a Child Campaign of Defense for Children International - Palestine, urges the Canadian federal government to prioritize the human rights of Palestinian children and hold Israeli authorities accountable for widespread and systematic ill-treatment and torture of Palestinian child detainees.


Every year, the Israeli military prosecutes hundreds of Palestinian children from the occupied West Bank in military courts. At any one time, more than 300 children – some as young as 12 years of age – are held in military detention. They are mostly charged with throwing stones.

Jarrah Masalmeh was arrested and detained at age 15 for throwing stones. The interrogation and prison time left him with lasting trauma. Read Jarrah's story. 

Reports reveal that the majority of detained Palestinian children undergo some form of physical violence following arrest and are denied access to parents or a lawyer during interrogation. They also suffer significant emotional and psychological trauma. A special report by UNICEF confirms that ill-treatment in the Israeli military detention system appears to be "widespread, systemic and institutionalized through the process."

While Palestinian children in the occupied West Bank are subject to military law, children from Israeli settlements in the West Bank are subject to civilian law. Israeli children have far more rights and protections than Palestinians and are convicted at a fraction of the rate. 

Tell the Canadian government you want them to help keep Palestinian children out of military detention. Sign the petition today. 

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