How do you define advocacy?

To us advocacy means working to change government policies that contribute to poverty, injustice, violence and oppression in Canada and around the world. We see advocacy as an essential part of achieving MCC’s mission of relief, development and peacebuilding.

Why do you do advocacy?

  • Because our faith calls us to be a voice against violence and injustice. The biblical prophets and Jesus himself denounced those who acted violently or unjustly.
  • Because advocacy can change the policies and practices that harm people.
  • Because our partners ask us to speak to the Canadian government on their behalf.

How do you decide what issues to advocate on?

We base our advocacy on issues affecting the lives and work of our partners in Canada and around the world. Although there are many issues that deserve attention we choose to focus on the ones that are directly related to our programs.

What political activities are permissible for registered charities?

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) regulates what kind of political work registered charities can do. The CRA defines political activity as anything that encourages citizens to contact the government in order to initiate, change or maintain laws, policies or decisions.

When registered charities do political work, this work must relate to an issue that is connected to their organization’s purpose. It also must be based on a well-reasoned position and not contain any false, misleading or inaccurate information.

Registered charities cannot endorse political parties or candidates.

Are you lobbyists?

MCC Canada is registered as an in-house lobbyist organization with the Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying of Canada. This means that we have to comply with the lobbyists’ code of conduct and keep publicly-accessible records of all direct communication with the government.