Anna Vogt is the Director of the MCC Ottawa Office.  She is grew up in Dawson City, Yukon. She started working with MCC as part of the Seed program in the Montes de Maria, Colombia, learning firsthand about local level advocacy as she accompanied displaced communities advocating for their rights as victims of Colombia’s armed conflict. She then worked in communications for advocacy with Mennonite organization, Justapaz in Bogota, supporting documentation work. Most recently, she worked for MCC regionally in Latin America engaging in advocacy and policy work around issues of migration and peacebuilidng. She studied at Trinity Western University, where she focused on non-violent direct action in Latin America.

Leona Lortie is the Public Engagement and Advocacy Coordinator. She has worked with international relief and development organizations in Europe and Canada; most recently with MCC in Saskatchewan. Leona is a graduate of Tyndale University College and the University of Basel. 
Rebekah Sears is the Policy Analyst in the Ottawa Office. She has formerly worked with MCC in Winnipeg and Colombia. Rebekah is a graduate of the University of New Brunswick and Carleton University.