Every year MCC’s Mobile Meat Canner travels across the United States and Canada meeting volunteers who prepare cans of turkey, beef, chicken and pork to be sent around the world. Over 30,000 people a year volunteer to fill, weigh, wash and label every can.

The finished cans are shipped to our partners, providing important nutrients when meat is hard to purchase.

For example, in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK, or North Korea), where meat is scarce, MCC shares canned meat with our partners to supplement meals for children as well as patients with tuberculosis or hepatitis.

260,621 kg of canned meat shipped last year to Cuba, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Haiti, Malawi, South Sudan, Ukraine, Zambia and the U.S., including Puerto Rico.

How canning works

A step by step guide to the MCC meat canning process.