Thursday, May 23, 2019 - 8:30am to 4:00pm

Low German Mennonite Services Annual Networking Conference: Aulahaunt Gesund en Secha - Promotion of All Around Health and Safety.

Join us on May 23 at the Days Inn Conference in Winkler for the Low German Mennonite Networking Conference for Service Providers, presented by MCC Manitoba.


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Registration includes your choice of three workshops:

Workshop 1 – “A Holistic Approach to Family Health”  presented by Irene Marsch.

Workshop 2 – “Partnerships in Creating Safety” presented by Sally Marsolais and Sharon Dueck.

Workshop 3 – “The Landscape of Healthcare for Low German mennonites in Mexico” presented by Dr. Franz Penner via Video Link.

Workshop 4 – “Promoting Public Health Among Low German Mennonites” presented by Charlotte Klassen and Helene Wiens.

Workshop 5 –

Part 1 - “Becoming Open-Minded: Texting and Literacy Among Low German Mennonites” presented by Christine Kampen Robinson, Phd

Part 2 - "What's Up With WhatsApp? Using Social Media in the Low German Mennonite Community" presented by Tina Fehr Kehler, MA and Linda Lozano.

Workshop 6 – “Old Colony Mennonite Education and Impacts on Healthy Living” presented by Robyn Sneath.

Click here for a detailed list of workshops and presenters.

Registration Information:

Option 1 - $60.00 includes traditional Mennonite baked goods and beverages for two breaks and an enchilada lunch prepared by George K. Catering.

Option 2 - $45.00 includes traditional Mennonite baked goods and beverages for two breaks, no lunch.

*Note: If you are registering as part of a group, please provide all their contact information on the registration form including dietary concerns. Payment can be made for the entire group. More information on payment will be given on the registration form. 


Register online here!


If you have questions, please contact Tena Klassen at or 204-325-7907.