Saturday, October 19, 2019 - 8:30am to 2:30pm

MCC serves in many forgotten places where people struggle to find hope. Often, we are inspired by the determination of people to overcome daunting challenges. Sometimes, we come along just as hope is almost lost. In all cases, we are called to be an expression of God’s love and to help create a journey of hope. “For the needy shall not always be forgotten, and the hope of the poor shall not perish forever.” Psalm 9:18

Our Annual Meeting will follow the journey of hope through MCC’s service to people living homeless in our community, refugees starting a new life in Canada, farmers in Colombia seeking to grow sustainable crops not linked to the drug trade, and Vietnamese people struggling with the lasting impact of war in Vietnam. 

It is also a time of accountability to our members. In addition to hearing reports and stories of hope, we will also review financial statements, elect Board Members and review other standard business items.

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See below for the Delegate Package and Financial Statements. 

Vietnam Then and Now - 65 Years

In 1954 MCC began serving people uprooted by the war in Vietnam, providing for basic needs, education, and hope for those displaced by the conflict. MCC continues serving in Vietnam today, 65 years later, caring for those facing disabilities caused by a chemical used during the war called Agent Orange. Claire Ewert Fisher will share about her time of service from 1973-75 in Vietnam during the war, as well as a recent trip to Vietnam to see MCC's service with the most vulnerable who bear the lasting impact of that war.


Keynote Speaker: Claire Ewert Fisher

Claire served with MCC in Vietnam with her husband, Wally Ewert, at the height of the war from 1973-75 and was evacuated along with others as South Vietnam fell in 1975. During their time in Vietnam, she served in health care at a remote community in the central highlands, where she adopted a Vietnamese baby boy whose mother died in childbirth. After Vietnam, Claire and her husband also served with MCC in the Philippines and Thailand. Claire will share about the early work of MCC during the Vietnam war, as well as the current work of MCC in Vietnam today.


Caring for the Homeless

This year, King Road MB Church joined MCC’s response to care for those who live homeless, including some of the most vulnerable people in Abbotsford. MCC’s program coordinator, Jane Njogu, and King Road volunteers will share stories of service and hope.


Colombia Churches in Action   

In May, MCC hosted a group of church leaders to see the work of the Church in Colombia. In Colombia we serve the most vulnerable people, including farmers looking to grow crops not connected to the drug trade and people who have been displaced by conflict, now living in marginalized communities. Denis Federau participated in the trip and will share stories of hope. 


Refugee Sponsorship - 40 Years  

In 1979 the Vietnamese boat people crisis spurred MCC and our supporting churches into action. MCC approached the Canadian government and the private refugee sponsorship program was created. Since then, MCC has sponsored over 12,000 refugees. We will hear stories from refugees sponsored then and now, including one of the first refugee families from Vietnam sponsored 40 years ago.

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