Saturday, September 28, 2019 - 8:00am to 3:30pm

You are invited to the MCC Conference & AGM: Honouring our Roots!


Take part in a full day of interactive and engaging sessions designed to educate supporters on MCC Alberta's impact in the last year, as well as look back at the past 99 years of MCC's history in Canada as we gear up to celebrate MCC's centennial in 2020!


When: September 28, 2019

Where: Dalhousie Church - 5511 Baroc RD NW 

Time: 8:00am - 3:30pm

Registration Fee: $20+ (See Registration for more info)

*Lunch will be provided

What's Included:


Keynote Speaker: Brian Dyck - Migration & Resettlement Coordinator, MCC Canada


Choice of 1 Breakout Session

  • Palestine & Israel Land Exercise 

The Palestine & Israel Land Exercise is a Peace Program session. This experiential exercise is a tool to help participants understand the history and current context of Palestine and Israel. Through the use of props to layout the setting, a narrative script and facilitation, walk through over 100 years of history and become the people of the land of Palestine and Israel. As you "move" through the land, discover the challenges and experiences the people of Palestine and Israel have faced over the years. After the session, there will be a time of reflection and discussion of the experience.

  • Forced to Flee 

A Migration and Resettlement session, Forced to Flee will take you through a refugee journey simulation.  Participants are placed in family units, making difficult decisions to maintain their supply of food, money, and health while securing their future post-conflict. Afterword’s participants and facilitators will engage in a time of discussion and debriefing.

  • Restorative Justice Session (RAFT Program Session)

RAFT (Restorative Actions for Transformation) is a restorative justice program that MCC Alberta has actively partnered with for over 20 years. The program works with youth who have committed offences, the people they have harmed, and the wider community impacted by that harm. RAFT provides voluntary opportunities for these individuals to participate in a face-to-face, facilitated meetings to explore impact and accountability in a more personal way. 

This session explores the principles of restorative justice and the work of RAFT.

Local Marketplace

  • Ten Thousand Villages Pop-up
  • local partner pop-ups
  • MCC Thrift Fashion Show

Honouring our Roots: Panel Session

Panel Speakers TBA