Saturday, November 6, 2021 - 9:30am

MCC Saskatchewan’s 3rd Annual Peace Conference, “Restoring Justice” will explore how to do justice better.

Responding to the biblical call to “do justice and love mercy,” we will look beyond the constraints of the current justice system to explore more human-centred approaches.

This virtual conference will take place on November 6. 

There will be two additional optional training workshops on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Join us as we hear from experts and those on the frontlines about the principles and practices of doing justice and building resilience in our communities.

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Conference Schedule

Friday, November 5, 2021

7 pm – 9 pm

You Got Booked workshop – by special registration only. Two sessions available – one in-person (masking, distancing), one online (12 participants max, each).


You Got Booked is a learning experience that looks at the interplay of identity, poverty and incarceration. Participants travel around a life-sized board game trying to build assets and avoid prison. By participating in this tool, people learn how different intersections of identity lead to varied experiences of justice.


Facilitators: Heather Peters, Elaine Chapman, April Donauer, Randy Klassen, Program staff, MCC Saskatchewan

Saturday, November 6, 2021


9:30 a.m.



9:40 a.m.

Morning Plenary


Biblical Perspectives on Peace and Justice

In this presentation, we will explore the Bible’s portrayal of a God who is just, who sets things right, and who is committed to restoring the world to shalom. God also calls us, as followers of Jesus, to participate in God’s work of shalom justice. We will consider one specific case from the letter of James, in which the church struggled to treat all people with equity. James’s words to them challenge us also to live justly by loving all our neighbours.

Speaker: Sheila Klassen-Wiebe, Associate Professor, Canadian Mennonite University (CMU)

Moderator: Eileen Klassen Hamm, Executive Director, MCC Saskatchewan


10:45 a.m.



11:00 a.m.

Workshop Sessions - break out groups

Workshop #1

Restorative Justice at Church: supporting people in situations of harm in the church 

In this workshop, we will guide participants through practical steps that congregations can take to support people who have experienced sexualized harm – either through being harmed or committing harm. We will speak to range of harm, address power dynamics and using a trauma-informed lens, apply best practices to various case studies. This workshop is presented by the Safe Church Too group of Mennonite Church Saskatchewan.

Speakers: Suzanne Loewen-Guenther, Pastor, Nutana Park Mennonite Church and Heather Peters, MCC Saskatchewan Peacebuilding Coordinator

Moderator: Ryan Siemens, Executive Minister, Mennonite Church Saskatchewan

Workshop #2
Neither Criminal nor Cop: A Broader Critique

In this workshop, Beverly and Dan explore their personal and community stories of criminalization. Like other criminalized people, Beverly and Dan were assured that the system which criminalized them was “good”, and they ought to adapt to it. This workshop asks what happens when criminalized individuals prosecute the system which targeted them. This provocative possibility is explored through Beverly’s work at CLASSIC Legal Services and Dan’s work as a lawyer and city councillor.

Speakers: Beverly Fullerton, Community Justice Liaison Worker, Community Legal Assistance Services for Saskatoon Inner City (CLASSIC) and Dan LeBlanc, Lawyer and Owner of LeBlanc Law & Regina City Councillor

Moderator: Amanda Dodge, Program Director, MCC Saskatchewan

Workshop #3

Exploring Indigenous Justice and Restorative Justice in British Columbia (BC) and Saskatchewan (SK): A Comparative Analysis    

University of Regina Professor Muhammad Asadullah led a collaborative research project (using a decolonized methodology) that looked at the relationship between restorative justice and indigenous justice. This workshop will look at the research findings, how to do research in a decolonial way, and hopes for the future. 

Speakers: Muhammad Asadullah, Assistant Professor, Department of Justice Studies, University of Regina; and community partners TBD.

Moderator: Dave Deick, Executive Director, Micah Mission


12:15 p.m

Lunch Break 

1:00 p.m.

Afternoon Plenary


Understanding Justice 

Hear a variety of perspectives unpacking the concept of justice: making grievances known, holding wrongdoers to account, reparation for harms, healing, changed practices/policies. How might justice be redemptive or transformative? What does it look like when justice is done/finished? What does it look like for different people & situations? We’ll hear case studies/examples reflecting on the role of the justice system in areas of land justice and social justice. Consider the full arc from injustice to what it does/would look like if justice is done. 

Speakers: Stan Tu’lnukuafe, Co-Founder, Intake Worker & Presentation Coordinator, STR8UP, and STR8UP member, TBD; and Steve Heinrichs, Director of Indigenous-Settler Relations, Mennonite Church Canada; and Allegra Friesen-Epp, Program Director, Christian Peacemaker Teams.

2:15 p.m.


2:30-3:45 p.m.

Workshop Sessions - breakout groups


Workshop #4

Restorative Justice & MCC: A look at the End Abuse program in B.C.

This session will give an overview of MCC BC’s work in abuse response and prevention. Through the End Abuse program support circles are coordinated that hold spaces for women who have experienced abuse and men who have abused. The End Abuse program navigates the complexities of intimate partner violence and justice. In this workshop you will hear from support circle participants and coordinators about the impact and importance of this work and how healing can bring justice.

Speakers: Elsie Goertzen, End Abuse Coordinator, MCC British Columbia and and Lydia Fawcett, End Abuse Coordinator, MCC British Columbia

Moderator: Randy Klassen, Indigenous Neighbours Coordinator, MCC Saskatchewan


Workshop #5

Anti-Racism Network’s Justice League 

Systemic racism is embedded in Saskatchewan’s criminal justice system. Come and hear about how the Anti-Racism Network and its “Justice League” are responding by building relationships and promoting change within the system.  Comprised of members of justice organizations and people with lived experience with the system, the League meets with system stakeholders to resource their efforts to dismantle systemic racism and walks alongside them as change occurs and is evaluated. 

Speakers: Becky Sasakamoose Kuffner, and Sydney Wouters

Moderator: Amanda Dodge

3:45 p.m.

Closing and Calls to Action 

Speaker: Jaqueline Block, Chair, MCC Saskatchewan Board of Directors

Moderator: Heather Peters, Peacebuilding Coordinator, MCC Saskatchewan

6:30-9:30 p.m.

Training Active Bystanders workshop by special registration only

Available online only, max. 40 participants

TAB empowers bystanders and gives them the competencies they need if they decide to take action when they witness something they feel is unfair, or wrong, or troubling. TAB helps participants to: 

  • analyze situations where harm may be occurring 
  • recognize when they are bystanders 
  • evaluate the consequences for everyone involved 
  • interrupt harm doing and generate positive actions by others 

Facilitators: Heather Peters, Amanda Dodge