It Begins with Food...

Every year coins donated to MCC through My Coins Count are used to fund food and agriculture projects that help thousands of people around the world. Last year (2021) over $27,000 was received! That’s lots of coins helping lots of people!

This year, 2022, money raised will be used to support MCC’s food and food security projects in partnership with Canadian Foodgrains Bank. This partnership means your coins go even further! These projects are matched 1:1, 2:1, 3:1, and even 4:1 by Global Affairs Canada.

Your coins are needed now more than ever. People in places like Ethiopia, South Sudan, and Democratic Republic of Congo are facing serious shortages of food, or find that they just can’t afford the food that is available. Conflict, climate change that brings more droughts and floods, and Covid restrictions of the past two years have put even the most basic items like flour, beans, or cooking oil out of reach for millions of people.

By sharing your coins, you are providing food for those who do not have enough to eat. But that is just the beginning! MCC works with partners around the world to make sure there is food for today, food for tomorrow, and food for all!


Sarah Ayok, a young mother is pictured next to a pile of food bags and some oil given to her through an MCC project.

Sarah Ayok, pictured here in 2020, is a young mother of 6, widowed, and displaced due to conflict in South Sudan. She says, “We were living a very happy life before the conflict; however, after everything was destroyed to ashes, we are left now in total misery. Send my regards to all the people who supported us with these food items, the food has brought us ample peace of mind,” Sarah is one of the countless people you help when you support MCC’s work through My Coins Count.


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