Every year, coins donated to MCC through our My Coins Count fundraiser are used to fund food and agriculture projects, impacting thousands of people across the world.

My Coins Count (formerly Penny Power) has been running in BC since 1999. Each year, MCC BC selects a project to receive the funds collected through the program. Through a partnership with Canadian Foodgrains Bank, these funds are matched by the Government of Canada – anywhere from two to ten times the amount, depending on the project.

For this year’s featured project, we are highlighting a project from our partner, Shanti Nepal. Shanti Nepal has been working in primary health care in poor and marginalized communities since 2004. The Chepang ethnic group in southern Dhading is among the highly marginalized ethnic groups in Nepal. Since 2013, Shanti Nepal has been working in this area to improve the poor nutritional status of women and children under 5. This project will provide nutritional education for pregnant women and mothers with children, while also supporting improved agriculture and income generation through training, inputs, irrigation systems and training on food preservation and storing. The project also provides education in family health. 

Nirmala Chepang poses with one of her goats outside her animal shed in Pida,  Dhading district of Nepal. Nirmala originally took out a loan of $150 from her community development group to buy two goats. Now she has eight goats.MCC photo/Leah Reesor-Keller

Make sure you pick up your My Coins Count Box at the MCC BC Office or a local event throughout the year to collect your coins! Specifically geared towards children, the My Coins Count Box invites kids on a journey around the world to learn about the projects and the people their coins might help to support.

Depicting children from selected sustainable agriculture and food security projects in Sudan, Nepal, Nicaragua, and Ethiopia, this “colouring box” is a great opportunity to teach your kids about the importance of helping others and giving to those in need, while also giving them something fun to colour and work towards filling. 

The boxes will be distributed at local churches and events throughout the year, as well as the MCC Festival for World Relief in September. The festival is also where they will be collected again the next year. If you fill up your box to the brim, it can hold around $400 (based on the weight of the average pound of mixed coins)!  

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