The Egypt Representative(s) are responsible for the management and vision of the MCC Egypt program, now over 50 years old. MCC Egypt partners with Coptic Orthodox, Coptic Evangelical and Anglican Churches and their service agencies. These partnerships are carried out mostly through grants and personnel secondment. The Rep(s) are responsible to manage the partnerships, to foster relationships with existing and new partners, to vision new possibilities and to work with staff to develop new projects. Managing personnel is a central role in this position, including international Service Workers. Maintaining awareness of the local/national security situation is also an important aspect of the rep role. The MCC office in Cairo has three national staff working with office and project administration. The position of representative is directly responsible to the Europe and Middle East (EME) Area Directors. The Rep(s) are a part of the EME Rep group and will enjoy a collegial, supportive relationship with the other representatives in Europe and the Middle East. This group meets regularly for mutual support, visioning and reporting.

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Full time equivalent: 
Full time
5 years
Start date: 
Tuesday, February 1, 2022