The MCC representative provides leadership and programmatic direction to the work of MCC in Honduras within the MCC Latin America/Caribbean regional strategic vision. This position also represents MCC to churches, agencies, community groups and leaders in Honduras and maintains relationships with MCC partners in the country. The representative is responsible for providing team leadership and support for all MCC workers in Honduras. This position may be filled by one person or a couple. 

The Rep position is open to be filled by a single person or a couple. The FTE involved ranges from 1.0 FTE (single person who may delegate some tasks to other staff) to 1.5 FTE (couple with children) to 2.0 FTE (couple with no children).

Full time equivalent: 
Full time
5 years
Start date: 
Monday, March 4, 2019
San Pedro Sula Cortez
San Pedro Sula Cortez