Advisor for monitoring, evaluation and partner capacity building


While Haiti is usually portrayed as a country stuck in poverty, environmental degradation and political crisis, it is also a country of vast potential with hundreds of effective grassroots organizations working to improve lives, protect the environment and build stronger communities from the bott

Conservation Agriculture Worker - Machanga, Mozambique

Machanga, Mozambique

The conservation agriculture worker will serve as part of the Machanga Institute team to promote conservation agriculture techniques with young people and farmers in Machanga District in the province of Sofala in Central Mozambique.

Disaster Response & Ag Monitoring/Evaluation Coordinator - Haiti

Port-au-Prince, Haiti

The Disaster Response & Agriculture Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator will coordinate MCC Haiti’s long-term response to Hurricane Matthew. This role will include supporting on-going disaster response projects implemented by MCC and its partners.

Stewardship Associate, Canadian Foodgrains Bank Projects

Not Office Based

This part time position (7.5 - 15 hours per week) will steward relationships with existing Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB) projects, and invest the vast majority of their time on increasing the amount of revenues raised for MCC’s CFGB account by growing existing projects and/or increasing the num