Connecting Peoples Coordinator - Colombia

Bogotá, Colombia

The Connecting Peoples Coordinator’s work will consist of: receiving and facilitating communication with Learning Tours/Delegations and other visitors; managing the recruitment, placement, orientation, and debriefing of MCC's one year, young-adult exchange programs in Colombia and Ecuador; and ma

Counselor for Peace Project with Veterans in Ukraine

Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine

The Counselor for Peace Project with Veterans in Ukraine will be seconded to the Charitable Organization “Hram”, an MCC partner that is beginning a 3-year peacebuilding project.

Peace Education Promoter/Promotor de Educación de Paz - Mexico

Mexico City, Mexico

The Peace Education Promoter will work with SERAPAZ, a dynamic MCC Mexico partner that is well respected across the country.  The Promoter works under the supervision of the Education Coordinator of SERAPAZ.