The Orientation Assistant/Children’s Orientation Intern will work for 12 weeks during the summer assisting with orientation and re-entry conferences.

MCC is a people-sending organization that provides opportunities for people to live and serve in the name of Christ.  During summer months, the Akron campus hosts many of the conferences to orient or welcome back our workers.  These conferences, which are led by Human Resources (HR) and Global Service Learning (GSL) departments, include:
-- Summer Service - GSL (June 11-15)
-- SALT Re-entry - GSL (July 9-14) 
-- IVEP Year-End Conference in Ontario – GSL (July 11-17)
--Summer Institute: General Orientation, Program Skills Workshop and Leadership Seminar - HR (July 16- Aug. 8)
-- General Re-entry Retreat - HR (Aug. 2-5)

-- SALT and IVEP U.S. Orientation, GSL (Aug. 14-22)

Full time equivalent: 
Full time
12 weeks
Start date: 
Friday, June 1, 2018
Akron, PA
Akron, PA
United States