The Canadian Central Warehouse ships material resources like comforters, hygiene kits, and canned meat to countries where MCC provides relief.

If you're interested in a tangible way to help others, your volunteer efforts would be warmly welcomed at the warehouse in the following areas:

- sewing, sorting and cutting material
- sorting incoming loads from other provinces
- packing blankets
- inspecting kits and meat cans
- recycling books

The following interests and skills are an asset:

- interest in learning (or ability) to sew
- ability to do heavy lifting

Time commitment:

- casual
- Wednesdays and/or Thursdays between 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

You can see the happiness in their eyes ... because [the item] came with love. That’s the most important thing. -Syrian church worker (not named for security reasons)

Young and middle-aged adults are especially encouraged to volunteer! Our dedicated volunteers are eager to pass on their skills. Come and learn about the work that MCC is doing around the world, develop a new skill, and be part of a community that changes lives. 

Contact Gord Letkeman, Canadian Material Resources Warehouse Manager, at (204) 829-3005 for more information.

Canadian Central Warehouse
231 Railway Ave
Plum Coulee, MB R0G 1R0