SALT/YAMEN: Nurse Intern – Rwansande Health Center

South Rwenzori, Kasese District, Western Uganda

The SALT/YAMENer will work alongside the staff of Rwansande Health Center, specifically in the areas of maternal child health (MCH) antenatal & post-natal care services, immunization, HIV/AIDS services, male circumcision services, and family planning.   

SALT/YAMEN: Nurse or Midwife 2 – Faith Alive Foundation

Jos, Nigeria

The SALT/YAMENer will serve at Faith Alive Foundation, an evangelical Christian, non-profit, medical and social services center that strives to meet the needs of humanity in a holistic way.

SALT/YAMEN: Nutrition Researcher – RICOD

Chapagaun, Kathmandu Valley, Nepal

The Nutrition Researcher will conduct field research with the Rural Institute for Community Development (RICOD) in Chapagaun, Nepal, and also assist with food security and nutrition activities, proposal development, documentation, and reporting.  

SALT/YAMEN: Peace Libraries Assistant

Kigali, Rwanda

The SALT/YAMENer in this position will serve at the Children’s Peace Libraries of the Transformational Leadership Center assisting the librarians to promote both a culture of peace and a culture of reading.   

SALT/YAMEN: Peace Museum Assistant – Cambodia Peace Museum

Battambang City, Battambang Province, Cambodia

The SALT/YAMENer will serve at The Cambodia Peace Museum, helping to support the activities and events such as facilitating tours for educational groups, organizing workshops and community events, and developing new materials for the museum.   

SALT/YAMEN: Peace Program Assistant –Shanti Mitra

Mymensingh, Bangladesh

The SALT/YAMENer will support the Executive Director and staff of Shanti Mitra to develop peace building and conflict transformation related resources and tools for both schools and the community.

SALT/YAMEN: Peacebuilding Assistant – SNEH

Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India

The SALT/YAMENer will serve alongside SNEH (Society for Nature, Education and Health), assisting with a peace project that is confronting gender-based violence on educational campuses.

SALT/YAMEN: Product Design Support Worker – Rajana

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

The SALT/YAMENer will serve with Rajana, a fair-trade handicrafts association and a supplier of Ten Thousand Villages.

SALT/YAMEN: Program Assistant – Pobitra

Mymensingh, Bangladesh

The SALT/YAMENer will support the Social Services Coordinator of Pobitra, a project that supports vulnerable women who are leaving sex work and their children.

SALT/YAMEN: Program Assistant – Superior Sisters

Rajshahi, Bangladesh

The SALT/YAMENer will support the Superior Sisters of Handicapped Children’s Home to adopt new techniques, methods, and activities to teach, offer recreational activities, and serve children and youth who are physically and mentally disabled.  

SALT/YAMEN: Program Development Support Officer –WPM

Phnom Penh, Cambodia (With possible travel to rural areas)

The SALT/YAMENer will support the development of gender and peacebuilding programs of Women Peace Makers (WPM) Cambodia, an intersectional gender and peacebuilding organization working to engage, learn, share knowledge, and work together with women as well as men on issues of gender-based violenc

SALT/YAMEN: Program Intern – New Hope Center

Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine

The SALT/YAMENer will help children and adults to improve their conversational English, work with children in the areas of crafts and sports, help to realize events for children and families, and work as part of the New Hope Center staff team.  

SALT/YAMEN: Project Assistant – El Faro Home

Santa Cruz, Bolivia

The SALT/YAMENer will serve El Faro Home, that supports adolescent mothers that have experienced sexual violence, providing a safe, protective home for them and their children.

SALT/YAMEN: Project Assistant – Peace and Development Network

Kigali, Rwanda

The SALT/YAMENer will serve at the Peace and Development Network (PDN) assisting two project coordinators. One coordinator manages a conservation agriculture project, and the other manages a savings and loan project.

SALT/YAMEN: Project Assistant – San Jose Parish Social Center

Montero, Santa Cruz, Bolivia

The SALT/YAMENer will assist with the various needs of two Comedores (community centers) that seek to overcome poverty, improve living conditions, strengthen health and psychological-physical development, and form leaders among children, young people, and women.