SALT: Refugee Program Data Specialist – Collateral Repair Project

Amman, Jordan

The SALTer will serve as Collateral Repair Project’s (CRP) data engineering specialist. S/he will work with a suite of software to compile data around beneficiaries, donors, finance and more.

SALT: Sports & TEFL Instructor for Refugees – Jordan

Amman, Jordan

The SALTer will teach English classes to adult refugees and coordinate sports activities for youth. This entails planning, scoping out appropriate spaces and obtaining equipment, recruiting, and coaching.

SALT: Sports Coach & Grant Writer – Reclaim Childhood

Amman, Jordan

The SALTer will help support the teen leadership program of Reclaim Childhood (RC) through coaching, monitoring and evaluating, and identifying and preparing proposals and grant applications for potential funding.  

SALT: Teacher Assistant – Arab Episcopal School

Irbid, Jordan

The SALTer will work in Irbid, a city in the north of Jordan approximately one hour from Amman. The volunteer will assist at The Arab Episcopal School, a school for blind, sighted and low vision students.  Due to housing restrictions, a female is required.