SALT/YAMEN: Educational Assistant – Stansberry Ministries

Santa Cruz, Bolivia

This SALT/ YAMENer as Educational Assistant will serve as a homework tutor for the children in primary school (1st – 6th grade), as well as provide assistance to the house parents of Stansberry Children’s Home.    

SALT/YAMEN: English Language Teacher – SMT

Vientiane, Lao PDR

The SALT/ YAMENer will serve with SMT at their medical training center in Vientiane to support their English language education program for students from the University of Health Sciences, and post graduates working in healthcare.

SALT/YAMEN: English Teacher & Community Worker – Indomenno/GKMI

Srumbung Gunung, Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia

The SALT/ YAMENer will be seconded to Indomenno to assist in teaching English at a local private school, engage in cultural learning, and actively participate in the life of the GKMI Srumbung Gunung Church.  

SALT/YAMEN: English Teacher & Community Worker – Indomenno/JKI

Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia

The SALT/ YAMENer will be seconded to Indomenno to assist in teaching English at a local private school, engage in cultural learning, and actively participate in the life of the JKI Injil Kerajaan Satelit Citarum church.  

SALT/YAMEN: English Teacher & Educational Assistant – Nicaragua

Managua, Nicaragua

The SALT/YAMENer will serve at the Mennonite school, Jesús el Buen Pastor (Jesus the Good Shepherd) teaching English classes, accompanying children and adolescents with their homework, and supporting teachers as needed.  

SALT/YAMEN: English Teacher & Youth Engagement Worker – Laos

Savannakhet, Lao PDR

The SALT/ YAMENer will serve with Savan Centre/Fida Laos in Savannakhet to support their activities, build relationships spend time with young people (members and volunteers of the Centre).

SALT/YAMEN: English Teacher & Youth Mentor – B4Lao Center

Savannakhet, Laos

The SALT/ YAMENer would serve at a local vocational training and skill development center in Savannakhet, Laos.

SALT/YAMEN: English Teacher & Youth Worker – Mexico

Nuevo Ideal, Durango, Mexico

This SALT/YAMEN service worker will work primarily with the Escuela Alvaro Obregon, a Mennonite church run school in Nuevo Ideal, Durango, but may also assist with the CME (Conferencia Misionera Evangelica) church youth.  They will help by working in the school (including teaching classes, assist

SALT/YAMEN: Female Youth Worker – ICUM – American Board Church

Machanga, Sofala Province Mozambique

This SALT/YAMENer will work with 40-45 teenage girls living in a Christian boarding center while they attend secondary school in rural Mozambique.

SALT/YAMEN: Finance & Capacity Building Assistant – Haiti

Desarmes, Haiti

The SALT/YAMENer will work as a Finance & Capacity Building Assistant with MCC’s agroforestry and reforestation program office in Desarmes.

SALT/YAMEN: Health & ESL Program Assistant – Baromari Catholic

Baromari, Bangladesh

The SALT/ YAMENer as Health & ESL Program Assistant will assist with developing and carrying out ESL (English as a Second Language) courses for both the boarding school girls, as well as for and some of the Catholica Sisters and teachers.

SALT/YAMEN: Health Educator & Resource Assistant – KEDHAP

Songhor, Kenya

The SALT/ YAMENer will work with schools providing HIV/AIDS education, and in a small community centre assisting with basic information technology needs and tutoring community members, mostly youth, in basic computer and software skills.  

SALT/YAMEN: Monitoring & Evaluating Officer – FOSPDC

Kaya, Burkina Faso

The SALT/YAMENer will serve alongside the Foundation of Solidarity for the Promotion of Community Development (FOSPDC), an MCC health and nutrition project that teaches health and sanitation topics to pregnant mothers and mothers of infants.

SALT/YAMEN: Pastoral Intern – BICC Chilenje

Lusaka, Zambia

The SALT/YAMENer will work alongside the lead pastor and other church leaders and members in a broad role assisting in various aspects of pastoral ministry. This role could include work with children’s ministry, youth ministry, women’s ministry, etc.

SALT/YAMEN: Peace Information & Documentation Assistant – Nigeria

Jos, Nigeria

The Social Justice and Human Development for Peace Initiative (JDPC) works to build and promote sustainable peace, resulting in the reduction of emergencies/crises through their Emergency Preparedness and Response Team (EPRT).