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Who can apply?

You can apply for YAMEN! if you are:

  • Between 18 and 30 years old at the start of the YAMEN term
  • Single, without children
  • An active member of a Christian church or community
  • Not a Canadian or U.S. citizen
  • Able to communicate well in English, Spanish or French
  • Ready to live by MCC's Requirements

How do I apply for YAMEN?

Contact MCC in your home country for more information and for any requirements specific to your country.

Do I have to be Anabaptist to participate in YAMEN?

Not necessarily. To participate in YAMEN you must either attend an Anabaptist church in your home country or serve with an Anabaptist organization during your YAMEN term.

How long will I be gone?

YAMEN terms run for one year, starting in August and ending in July.

Can I choose which country I go to?

Most of our placements are in Latin America, Africa or Asia. During the placement process we do our best to match your skills and interests to the needs of our partners.

Once your application is completed we send a summary to MCC representatives, who share the information with the local partner you may be working with. Those partners decide if they are interested, and then we contact you to make the offer.

What countries participate in sending YAMEN participants?

Any country that has an MCC office can send a YAMEN participant. If you’re not sure if your country has an MCC office contact the YAMEN coordinator.

Contact the MCC office in your local country to apply.