A young woman stands in a doorway holding her baby Nyawar Mapieny Gathoul, 17, holds her 6-month-old son Zoal Mapiny Gai. They live on monthly food distributions from SSUDRA, MCC's local partner, and the money they can make by gathering wood they sell to buy corn cobs, which brings in more money. The young family lives in Rubkona informal settlement camp in Unity State, South Sudan. MCC photo/Tadeo Santonino

From Syria to South Sudan, extreme hunger is a growing threat, and the calls for emergency assistance are multiplying. The conflict in Ukraine – a major food producer, particularly for sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East – has disrupted global food supplies. That, combined with other factors like flooding and the worst drought in 40 years in East Africa, is leading to rising food prices and a global hunger crisis.

With your support, MCC is responding to these increasing needs in countries around the world. We are providing emergency food for families in countries like the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, South Sudan and Zimbabwe. And our largest food relief projects continue to be in Syria and Lebanon, and food assistance is a significant part of our work in Ukraine in response to the invasion.

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A prayer by Rebecca Mosley, an MCC representative for Ethiopia:

God of all grace, we pray for Your grace for refugees:

That people who have fled their homes find an open door, a place of refuge, as they run from violence.

And if, Lord, we are given the grace to help open that door, let us see it as a gift from You.

God our protector, we pray for the shelter of your wings

Over children, who need food and education and a secure place to call home.

And if, Lord, we are given the grace to open our arms to protect, let us see it as a gift from You.

Lord and Creator of all, we pray for your power

To be at work in our divided and violent world.

Bless all those who are enemies of your Kingdom and your ways

By sending your Holy Spirit to lead us to repentance and conversion

In South Sudan, in Ethiopia, in the United States and Canada,

And in all corners of the earth where hatred and violence seem to reign.

And if, Lord, your Spirit challenges our own hard hearts, let us receive growth as a gift from You.


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