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The staff in Winnipeg from MCC Manitoba and MCC Canada have a wide range of passion and expertise, and they're eager to come share with your church, school or event.

Below you'll find a list of staff who are available to speak in Winnipeg and nearby communities. To book a speaker for your event, contact Jessica Williams today at or (204) 261-6381.

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Brad Reimer - Director of Donor Advisement and Special Projects

Joanna Hiebert Bergen - Interim Program Director/Peacebuilding and Advocacy Program Coordinator, MCC Manitoba

Sophia Bezoplenko - Material Resources Coordinator (available Feb 2020)

Gord Letkeman - Canadian Material Resources Warehouse Manager

Jason Carkner - External Grants Coordinator (on parental leave until Oct 2019)

Darryl Loewen - Executive Director - MCC Manitoba

Brian Dyck - National Migration & Resettlement Program Coordinator

Allison Enns - Interim Co-Director of Planning, Learning and Disaster Response

Kendelle Romero-Fawcett -Food Security and Sustainable Livelihoods Coordinator

Kerry Saner Harvey - Indigenous Neighbours Program Coordinator

Jaymie Friesen - Abuse Response & Prevention Program Coordinator

Maysoun Darweesh - Associate Program Coordinator for Migration and Resettlement 

Bruce Guenther - Director of Disaster Response (on parental leave until Jan 2020)



MCC Manitoba supports restorative justice work through Initiatives for Just Communities. If you are interested in a presentation on restorative justice, find out more here

Sophia Bezoplenko

Material Resources Coordinator, MCC Manitoba

Available February 2020.

Sophia has been the Winnipeg Material Resources Coordinator for MCC Manitoba since January 2015. She coordinates volunteer efforts to assemble and pack material aid kits, several annual volunteer fundraising efforts, and provides presentations to church, school, and volunteer groups on MCC's relief, development, and peace work around the world. Sophia's prior MCC experience includes co-managing the Village Green Thrift Shop in Saskatoon, SK. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies and Certificate in Christian Studies in Worship Leadership from Horizon College and Seminary.

Sophia is comfortable presenting to children or adults in Sunday school classes and providing group presentations at the Winnipeg Material Resources Centre or elsewhere. She is available to present on the following topics: an overview of MCC's mission and programs; comforter and material aid kit assembly; and disaster relief projects.

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Jason Carkner

External Grants Coordinator, MCC Canada

On parental leave until October 2019.

​Jason is the External Grants Coordinator in the Planning, Learning and Disaster Response department. He assists MCC offices and partners with project planning, proposal development, and project monitoring, evaluation and reporting. He works closely with back donors in this capacity, notably the Government of Canada's Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development, the Saskatchewan and Manitoba councils for international cooperation, and various private and family run foundations across Canada. Jason holds degrees in political science and development studies, including a Master of Arts in Globalization and International Development from the University of Ottawa. He is available to speak on topics related to project monitoring and evaluation, grant writing, and back donor engagement.

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Brian Dyck 

Migration & Resettlement Program Coordinator, MCC Canada

Brian has been the Migration and Resettlement Coordinator at MCC Canada since February 2015. Before that he was Refugee Assistance Program Coordinator at the MCC Manitoba office for seven and a half years. His primary work at MCC has been helping churches think about refugee sponsorship and the broader issues around forced displacement. Since May 2012 he has also been chair of the Canadian National Refugee Sponsorship Agreement Holder Association, a national organization that meets with the Canadian government to help form Canadian policy on refugee resettlement. Brian was a missionary with Africa Inter-Mennonite Mission in South Africa from 1999 to 2005 where he and his wife, Lynell Bergen did leadership development and HIV/AIDS education among the African Indigenous Churches in the Eastern Cape Province. Before that he and Lynell were co-pastors of the Arnaud (Manitoba) Mennonite Church. He has received degrees from Canadian Mennonite Bible College, University of Winnipeg and Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary.

Brian is available to speak on the following topics: A Christian response to forced displacement;  Refugees and the Bible; Canadian refugee resettlement policy; and "How can my church get involved in sponsoring refugees?"

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Allison Enns

Interim Co-Director of Planning, Learning and Disaster Response, MCC Canada

Allison works as the Interim Co-Director of Planning, Learning and Disaster Response. She provides leadership within MCC on disaster responses and works back donor relationships and funding including Canadian Foodgrains Bank, Growing Hope Globally and Global Affairs Canada. Allison has previous experience working in Uganda and Mozambique. She holds a BA in International Development and Anthropology from the University of Winnipeg, and an MSc in Conflict, Violence, and Development from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

Allison is available to speak on topics including: a general overview of MCC, international development and disaster response, food security, and sustainable livelihoods.

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Jaymie Friesen

Abuse Response & Prevention Coordinator, MCC Manitoba

As Abuse Response & Prevention Coordinator, Jaymie raises awareness and offers resources relating to healthy relationships and abuse, while supporting those impacted by abuse. Jaymie entered this role with experience as a sexual assault and healthy relationships educator, sexual assault crisis counsellor, mental health worker and volunteer supporting women exiting the sex trade in Cambodia. She holds a BA in Social Sciences and Counselling and a Certificate in Applied Counselling.

Jaymie welcomes opportunities to speak to adults and youth through workshops, Sunday school classes, and presentations in community, educational and church settings. She is available to speak on topics including: how to support and respond to individuals experiencing abuse; trauma awareness and creating safe space; healing from abuse; and power dynamics in relationships. Jaymie also offers the following presentations specifically for youth: how young men can help end gendered violence; media messages and gender roles; and bullying.

Learn more about the Abuse Response & Prevention Program in Manitoba!

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Bruce Guenther

Director of Disaster Response, PLDR, MCC Canada

Bruce’s work involves supporting and directing MCC offices and partners in humanitarian and disaster response worldwide.  Bruce has served as a pastor at Langley Mennonite Fellowship and as a MCC worker for a human rights organization in Jamaica. He has a Bachelor of Theology from Canadian Mennonite University, a BA in International Development from the University of Winnipeg, and a Masters of Philosophy in Development Studies from the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex, UK.

Bruce is available to speak on the following topics: international development, climate change and disaster response (particularly the Haiti earthquake and East Africa food crisis).

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Joanna Hiebert Bergen

Interim Program Director/Peacebuilding and Advocacy Program Coordinator, MCC Manitoba

In her role as Peacebuilding and Advocacy Program Coordinator, Joanna serves as a resource to those interested in engaging in active peace building and advocacy, locally and around the world. She has served with MCC internationally both as a service worker and as representative in Nigeria,  as MCC's  HIV/AIDS Program Coordinator and most recently as MCC representative in Palestine and Israel from 2012-2015. Joanna has a B.Ed degree and an MA in Theology: Peace and Justice. 

Joanna is available to preach, speak or deliver workshops in a variety of venues on  the topics: theological constructs of peace and justice, complexities of justice and peace in Palestine and Israel, non-violent peacemaking in conflict zones, trauma and healing, inter-faith bridge building, listening with compassion, faith formation and spiritual disciplines. 

Learn more about the Peacebuilding & Advocacy Program in Manitoba!

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Gord Letkeman

Canadian Material Resources Warehouse Manager / Manitoba Activities Coordinator

Gord has served as both the Canadian Material Resources Warehouse Manager and Manitoba Activities Coordinator since June of 2010. In these roles, Gord coordinates volunteer activities, oversees shipments, inventory of supplies, maintenance of the facility, and fulfills reporting requirements. Volunteer activities at the Canadian Material Resources Warehouse vary from assembling and packing kits, recycling books and quilting to inspecting meat cans for shipment. 

Previously Gord worked in the grain industry following attainment of a Diploma in Agriculture. He has volunteered in leadership capacities on church committees and as a youth leader.

Gord is available to speak at churches and schools once per month and is more frequently able to accommodate church, youth, community, and school groups to participate in volunteer activities at the Warehouse. He is able to speak to the link between MCC's material resource activities and our relief work around the world.

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Darryl Loewen

Executive Director, MCC Manitoba

Darryl joined MCC Manitoba as Executive Director in 2016. Prior to this, Darryl served as an educator at Mennonite Collegiate Institute for 22 years, including 11 as principal. During that time he served as Treasurer and Chair of Canadian Association of Mennonite Schools. Additionally, he has served on Church Council of Gretna Bergthaler Mennonite Church, as well as various local and provincial boards including Gretna Athletic Association, various credit union boards and the Board of Credit Union Central of Manitoba.

Darryl welcomes opportunities to speak to adults and children in church, educational, community and organizational settings. He is available to present an overview of MCC’s mission and programs and/or share about his recent international program visits.

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Brad Reimer

Director of Donor Advisement and Special Projects, MCC Manitoba

Brad Reimer has been with MCC Manitoba for over 10 years, previously as the Director of Communications & Donor Relations and now Director of Donor Advisement and Special Projects. Before joining MCC Brad was Associate Director for Mennonite Voluntary Service for 10 years. Brad has travelled extensively to learn about MCC projects around the world.

Brad can speak on a variety of MCC topics as well as give general overviews of MCC work.

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Kerry Saner Harvey

Indigenous Neighbours Program Coordinator, MCC Manitoba

Kerry has been in his current position since August 2016. His work in the Indigenous Neighbours Program aims to facilitate relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people towards reconciliation and strategies for justice. In the past, Kerry has worked with the First Nations youth in Cranberry Portage, Manitoba, did restorative justice and community building work for MCC Newfoundland and Labrador and served as a Peace Advisor and Sector coordinator for MCC Bangladesh supporting peacebuilding opportunities.

Kerry is comfortable presenting in settings involving a sermon or MCC report in church, school groups and groups of adults. He can present on topics such as reconciliation, “settler” identity, treaties and our shared history. Kerry is also able to do short workshops for newcomers about Indigenous relations and is willing to facilitate the Kairos Blanket exercise.

Learn more about the Indigenous Neighbours Program in Manitoba!

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Maysoun Darweesh

Associate Program Coordinator for Migration and Resettlement, MCC Manitoba

Maysoun Darweesh has been the Associate Program Coordinator for Migration and Resettlement since March 2019. The core component of the position is to promote, coordinate and implement all MCC Manitoba work related to the Private Sponsorship of Refugees (PSR) Program and the Blended Visa Office Referred (BVOR) Program. This position connects with a wide variety of people, groups and supporting constituency in Manitoba as well as with the MCC Canada network.

Before joining MCC Maysoun worked alongside many refugees and newcomers to Canada as a Settlement Counselor and a Community Activist for the Syrian and Kurdish Community. Maysoun is currently a board member on the Asian Heritage Society of Manitoba. She holds a Bachelor of Journalism and completed Amnesty International Training for Human Rights Advocacy-Outrage to Action.

Maysoun is available to present to settings involving a sermon or an MCC presentation to older adults. She is able to speak on topics about local programs involving migration and resettlement.

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Kendelle Romero-Fawcett

Food Security and Sustainable Livelihoods Coordinator, MCC Manitoba

Through her work, Kendelle supports MCC programs around the world in projects related to food and security or livelihoods. She helps these programs develop strong strategies by suggesting MCC resources and providing information and training about best and relevant practices. Kendelle has been involved with MCC for the past six years in a variety of positions. She has a Master of Environment from the University of Manitoba.

Kendelle is comfortable presenting in settings involving an MCC report in a church service, Sunday school, school groups and groups of adults on the following topics: international programs and a general presentation of MCC.

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