We are MCC

We believe in sharing God's love and compassion for all, by responding to basic human needs and working for peace and justice.
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MCC is a global, non-profit organization that strives to share God’s love and compassion through relief, development and peacebuilding.

In all our programs we are committed to relationships with our local partners and churches — their needs guide our priorities.

As an Anabaptist organization, we strive to make peace a part of everything we do. When responding to disasters we work with local groups to distribute resources to minimize conflict. In our development work we consult with communities to make sure the projects meet their needs. And we advocate for policies that will lead to a more peaceful world.

Learn more about our vision, mission and areas of focus.

We hope you will be part of our work of relief, development and peace in the name of Christ.

About MCC British Columbia

Through local programs, MCC British Columbia (MCC BC) works to meet needs here at home. We also support MCC’s work in over 40 countries around the world by raising funds, mobilizing materials, and providing international workers. MCC British Columbia is one of six provincial offices in Canada.


About MCC Alberta

In the multi-cultural population of Alberta, MCC volunteers and staff work to make visible and respond to the needs of those who have no one, around the world and here at home, always in the name of Christ, who lives among us as a God of peace, of grace, of response, and of transformation.

About MCC Saskatchewan

MCC in Saskatchewan is a local and global, non-profit organization that strives to share God's love and compassion. Biblical justice and peace undergirds our work with landless Indigenous bands, persons incarcerated and released from prison, at clubs in core urban communities, with newcomers and in academic and experiential peace events.

About MCC Manitoba

MCC Manitoba supports the international programs of MCC, and works for relief, development and peace here in Manitoba. Find out more about our local work, see a list of upcoming events in Manitoba, or contact us today

Find out about having a speaker from MCC appear at your event in Manitoba by clicking here.

About MCC Ontario

In Ontario, our work is focused in the following areas:

  • Indigenous Communities
  • Low German Newcomers
  • Material Resources
  • People in Poverty
  • Refugee Sponsorships
  • Restorative Justice

View MCC Ontario's Strategic Plan Dashboard for 2021-2022 showing our progress towards the goals included in our 2020-2025 Strategic Plan.