The divine spark of hope

May 24, 2018

“The least of these…”

“Those on the margins…”

These are the groups and individuals to whom MCC often feels called and our work in Nepal is no exception.

For the first three days of my recent time in Nepal we visited those on the margins. Separated from mainstream Nepali society by muddied...

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Beautiful Syria

March 7, 2018
Beautiful Syria.

As we were leaving the Syrian city of Homs, I started my video while aiming my phone out the van window.

Stopping the video only once when we crossed a checkpoint, I ended up with almost six minutes of destruction. Apartment after shop after house, pummelled and smashed...

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March 7, 2018

Today she is our translator. To house after tiny house she leads us, helping us understand the grim stories of displacement of families from across Syria sheltered by strangers who long for their country to return to peace. Her name is Rahaf Abdo. 

When violence broke out in Syria, Rahaf, a young Muslim woman,...

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