What is Bridge Ministries?

Bridge Ministries is a Faith Community Reintegration Project for Offenders. It supports offenders as they transition from prison to community life, building bridges of hope. It involves a reintegration chaplain, faith communities, volunteers and community agencies.

Core Values and Objectives

Bridge Ministries:

  • Respects the dignity of individuals, and the rights of all members of society
  • Believes in the potential for human growth and development
  • Respects the social, cultural and religious differences of individual offenders
  • Recognizes that offenders have the potential to live as law-abiding citizens


To build safe communities by partnering with faith communities and volunteers to provide friendship to ex-prisoners and assist them during their reintegration into the community.

Key Roles

We engage faith communities and volunteers who:

  • Commit to journeying with ex-prisoners in their quest to lead new, healthy lifestyles
  • Create an environment for positive relationships
  • Provide spiritual, practical, social and emotional support
  • Provide hope in difficult times
  • Pray for ex-prisoners and the success of this ministry

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