We make choices everyday: what to eat, where to sleep, what to study. But when people are forced to flee, these ordinary, everyday choices are suddenly removed.

No matter the specific situation, all people on the move deserve to be treated and talked about with dignity. This means addressing the root causes of why people are leaving, and supporting people to migrate with safety and dignity.

Share your story guidelines

Thanks for your interest in sharing your MCC story!  We hope this is a positive platform for self-expression, creativity and storytelling. To keep this a respectful and safe place for everyone, consider these guidelines before you submit a story:


Use this platform to uplift, rather than tear down.

Share your story: Postcards to MCC

MCC is made up of thousands of people sharing their gifts in their home communities and around the world. And each MCC experience is unique, made up of small moments that tell a larger story.

As MCC celebrates its centennial year, we want you to help piece together this story.

Upload a photo or video with a short 750-character description, or submit a text-only story. Then, browse through more stories from our MCC community!

Our Faith. Our Future.

Our Faith. Our Future. – A new vision for a campaign to celebrate MCC’s centennial


One hundred years ago, MCC was formed in faith to help people in crisis. For the last century, MCC has responded to similar challenges. Today, we are working hard to live up to this legacy. 

Legacy Giving: More information

The decision to leave a legacy is an important one and can be complicated. MCC staff have considerable experience helping supporters align their giving with their values, and we will be happy to assist you in planning how your gift to MCC fits in with your life plan.


Professional advisors can also help you determine the size and timing of your gift, as well as the associated tax benefits. They, along with MCC staff, can then match your wishes with your resources and the needs of MCC.

New Roots - Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive a donation receipt?

You will receive a donation receipt for 90 per cent of your donation. A portion of your donation will be used for the expenses associated with the purchase and delivery of the tree. Unfortunately, we cannot issue a donation receipt for the portion of your donation used for the tree, delivery and a plaque which come to about 10 per cent of the total donation. For more information, please contact your local MCC office.

Legacy Giving: Types of gifts

Thank you for considering a legacy gift to MCC!

Legacy giving involves important and sometimes complicated decisions. MCC staff in our provincial offices have many years of experience helping our generous supporters align their own, deeply-held beliefs, values and priorities with the work of MCC. We ‘re happy to help you explore how a planned gift to MCC can fit in with your life plan!

Two of the most popular ways to give through your legacy are cash and property:

Legacy giving

For generations, MCC has shared God’s love and compassion for all by responding to basic human needs around the world. Now, as we celebrate 100 years of relief, development and peacebuilding in the name of Christ, we invite you to continue the MCC story through a legacy gift.

Gifts of any size are received with gratitude and will impact the lives of people affected by conflict, disasters, food and water shortages and climate change. Your legacy gift is a message of love and compassion. It’s a story of hope for a better future.