Grow Hope for Syria with Cindy Klassen and people across Manitoba!

Thanks to a generous Manitoba farmer, you can do more to help people affected by the crisis in Syria.

Read all about how Grow Hope made a difference last year!

Cindy Klassen's appeal - Grow Hope!

Cindy Klassen is becoming a farmer! Watch the video to find out why.

“This is such an amazing campaign. I loved getting updates from the farm about how my acre was doing." - Cindy Klassen

Here's how you can join in:

When you sponsor an acre of land on our friend Grant’s farm for $300, he'll farm the acre and donate the proceeds. After harvest, your acre will be worth as much as $500. Then, that money will be matched by the government, which means the $300 you spent to sponsor an acre will turn into as much as $2500.

This year, that money will go to support our efforts in Syria, where your gift will give people hope.

Grow Hope for Syria

“You are giving these people opportunity, and the dignity of being able to feed themselves and their families." - Vurayayi Pugeni, MCC Disaster Response Coordinator