In 2020, the United Nations reported nearly one in three people in the world did not have access to enough food, and since then Covid-19 pandemic has intensified the vulnerabilities in our food systems. Effects to health care, inflation, access, and situations of conflict and drought have all made it harder for people to have enough to eat. 

Through Grow Hope, you are helping us get one step closer to a world without hunger. 

Join us 

You can join our community of local growers by sponsoring an acre! Is a $350 acre more or less than you can give? We encourage giving multiple or partial acres too. Give to Grow Hope now

Or start an online giving project and invite others to sponsor acres with you! By setting up a Giving Registry on MCC’s website, you can share a unique giving page so that others can donate to Grow Hope with you, and we can track your support. Check out our instructions to start today, or contact us at 204-261-6381 or for help. 

How it works:

Want to learn more? 

Updates from our farmers 

After you donate to Grow Hope, you’ll receive email updates throughout the season and learn about the impacts that you helped to make possible – stories from local farmers and global partners!  

Invite MCC to share 

If you’ve supported Grow Hope with your family, small group, or wider community you can invite MCC to come and share with you about your impact! Email to invite an MCC staff to speak to your group, and learn more about global hunger and MCC’s responses.  

How your support can Grow Hope 

When you join our Grow Hope community, you’ll be helping to transform the lives of people like Chim Yean and his wife, Reach Koeun, in Cambodia. 

“Before I worked so hard, like working in the rice field for somebody or borrowing money or doing whatever for other people to get money and to buy the vegetable, fish and chicken. Now I grow everything.” –Reach Koeun 

Through the gifts of Grow Hope supporters, Chim and Reach have daily income and food to share. Watch this video to see the impacts for yourself, or read more about other farmers like them, and how this community works together for the benefit of all farmers


For over 30 years, farmers across Canada have been helping end global hunger through Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB) and its member Mennonite Central Committee. Now people who aren’t farmers have a chance to join them by sponsoring an acre through Grow Hope Niagara.

How it works

Larry and Marg Dyck are farmers in Vineland. They have access to a 41-acre field generously made available to CFGB by Bethesda Services to grow a crop and sell it to raise funds to help end hunger. It will cost Larry and Marg about $400 per acre for seed and other inputs. At the end of the growing season, he will sell the crop for about $500 per acre. Acres sponsored for MCC will be donated to MCC’s account at CFGB, for use in projects that help people who don’t have enough to eat. 

There’s more! Through the special arrangement with the Government of Canada through the Foodgrains Bank, MCC can get matching funds at up to 4:1. Your donation of $400/acre will grow not only a crop through Grow Hope, but will potentially grow to $1600 or even $2000.

In other words, your gift will grow—both literally, as a crop rises from the ground, and financially, as the crop is sold and matched by the Canadian government.

Growing Hope Together

Growing hope in Niagara

How can you be a part of Grow Hope? All you need to do is sign up by donating below or by sending a cheque to MCC, 203-50 Kent Ave., Kitchener, ON N2G 3R1 with Grow Hope Niagara on the memo line. Through the growing season, we will send you updates so you can see how “your” crop is doing. In September, if public health restrictions allow, you will also be able to visit the field to see “your” crop!

Through Grow Hope, you can be that light for many people in the world.

If you have questions, please contact Thomas Neufeld at or 905-941-0179.

We’re looking forward to partnering with you in growing hope!


Rally around local farmers who are growing hope on a global scale.

Funds raised through Grow Hope Saskatchewan help support people around the world with emergency food supplies and long-term food security. 

Grow Hope farmer Nathan Janzen with Olympic Gold Medalist Cindy Klassen.MCC photo/Jana Al-Sagheer

How it works

  1. Generous farmers in Saskatchewan agree to grow and donate land to grow a crop for Grow Hope Saskatchewan.  
  2. You sponsor the growth of a crop with a donation to help cover the costs of farming. It costs up to $350 per acre to provide seed, fertilizer, fuel and other things needed to grow a crop. 
  3. After harvest, farmers sell the crop and donate the proceeds to Canadian Foodgrains Bank. The proceeds from the sale of the crop can be as much as $600 per acre or more. Crop proceeds used to provide emergency food assistance for people living through a crisis may be matched 4:1 through the Canadian Foodgrains Bank’s Partnership with Global Affairs Canada. 


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