British Columbia

When newcomers arrive in Canada, the experience can be overwhelming. They must learn how to navigate everyday life in an unfamiliar country, with a different culture, different systems, and different customs. For newcomers, finding their financial footing can be a challenge.

Through community-based support groups, the New Foundations program gives newcomers the opportunity to develop essential life skills like:

  • How to find a job in Canada
  • How to open a registered savings account
  • How to create a plan to meet savings goals and more! 

Though Bijou (pictured above) had come to Canada from Congo several years ago, she still felt she was missing some skills to make it as a single parent. The financial literacy skills she learned through New Foundations were transformative. "If only I knew all of this was possible before!" she says. 

We gratefully acknowledge Victoria Foundation's contribution to the program.

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New Foundations Program Coordinator, Michelle