The People’s Action Group (PAG) includes people who have experienced homelessness at some point in their lives and who have accessed supports available in the Waterloo Region housing stability system. PAG members are experts about the experience of homelessness, and give opinions and share experiences that guide the on-going work of the housing stability system in Waterloo Region.

Activities may include: 

  • Talking about and planning for the future of the housing stability system
  • Talking about, problem-solving, and addressing roadblocks that people experiencing homelessness may face
  • Connecting with other systems about issues, related to homelessness (e.g., mental and physical health, social services, and corrections)
  • Connecting and sharing ideas with other community groups
  • Creating community resources
  • Giving feedback on reports and/or documents related to the housing stability system
  • Participating in training opportunities related to housing stability
  • Raising community awareness about issues related to homelessness 

The PAG is supported by MCC and is funded by the Region of Waterloo.

For more information, please contact Katie Taylor at 519-745-8458.